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Say “hello” to new clients with these best-selling non-invasive technology treatments

Hydrodermabrasion is on us when you buy Laser Sapphire

Our May 2-for-1 tech offer brings together the two best-selling non-invasive treatments in the world: Permanent Hair Removal and Microdermabrasion.

These are the two core services no salon, spa, clinic or practice should be without as they both bring in consistent business, and deliver clients with visible, psychologically satisfying results. So whether you are just starting out with aesthetic technology, or it is time to upgrade your laser and microdermabrasion machines to the latest, we’ve packaged our award-winning Bio-Hydroderm Trinity and European designed Laser Sapphire to ensure you stand out with the latest cutting-edge technology!

Deliver the world’s #1 non-invasive hair treatment with Laser Sapphire

Laser hair removal remains a highly lucrative service for beauty businesses, and with Laser Sapphire, it makes this popular treatment fast, easy and comfortable as well. Pre-configured settings enable quick treatment on a variety of skin types, hair colours and hair densities, while integrated skin cooling provides a dramatically more comfortable treatment experience when compared to devices without cooling.

6 reasons to love Laser Sapphire

  • Achieves long-term results in just 6-8 sessions.
  • 1200W diode laser stack enables faster, more effective treatments.
  • Features long sweeping, short sweeping and stamping application modes.
  • Pyramidal handpiece tip allows superior access to hard to reach contours.
  • Built-in skin cooling reaches as low as -7°C for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Hermetically sealed laser delivery system lengthens life of the handpiece by chilling the handpiece without risk of internal condensation.

Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™: yours FREE when you order Laser Sapphire by May 17th 

Now that we have your permanent hair removal services covered, what about your high-tech skin services? Microdermabrasion is still the most requested non-invasive aesthetic treatment out there, and thanks to Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™, you can deliver the best clinical results in the industry.

The latest wave in hydrating clinical exfoliation

  • 5 interchangeable diamond encrusted abrasive discs (80-400 grit) deliver adjustable crystal-free exfoliation for gentle treatments, right through to high intensity abrasion.
  • AQUAFUSE jets integrated into the handpiece emit cooling, skin corrective fluids to hydrate skin throughout the exfoliation.
  • Vacuum aspiration stimulates blood and lymphatic flow during treatment for a radiant, healthy glow.
  • Low noise operation promotes a calm, soothing and enjoyable high-tech facial experience for the client.
  • Ideal advanced skin renewal treatment for all skin types, including sensitive/reactive skin.
  • Low power consumption makes Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ more cost-effective to run when compared to traditional microdermabrasion machines.

Order now. Call: (AU) 1300 006 607 (NZ) 08 0044 3178 by May 17 to receive Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ at no extra cost when you order Laser Sapphire.


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