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Kickstart your winter sales with our strategic technology package

UltraLUX V4 SHR IPL offers a world of treatment opportunities within one cleverly designed machine. From permanent, pain-free hair removal to removing pigmentation and broken veins, sculpting a slimmer silhouette and tightening lax skin on the face and body — UltraLUX V4 truly has a service to suit virtually any customer. While some clients will be clear-cut about the treatments they want from UltraLUX V4, others will be sitting on the fence. This is when encouraging the client in for a thorough, technology-assisted skin consultation can transform those “maybes” into solid sales.

The OBSERV 520 skin observation platform leaves no room for “ifs” and “buts”, as it highlights any skin irregularities such as epidermal and dermal pigmentation, vascular issues, sebum content and signs of ageing in high resolution detail for the client to see. This is why we think UltraLUX V4 and OBSERV make the perfect 2-for-1 tech deal for kick starting your business results this winter.

UltraLUX V4: Works hard for your clients; works even harder for your business!

With UltraLUX V4, there is no need to buy multiple single-purpose devices that clutter your treatment spaces. This versatile aesthetics workstation allows you to construct an impressive ready-to-go service menu that responds to all of the most commonly requested skin, hair and body concerns.

11 high demand services:

  1. IPL Permanent Hair Removal – Face and body hair removal
  2. Dual-Mode Permanent Hair Removal – For lighter pigmented hair
  3. SHR Permanent Hair Removal – Fast and pain-free treatments
  4. Vascular Therapy – Remove broken capillaries and vascular lesions
  5. Pigmentation Correction – Remove discolourations, spots and freckles
  6. Photo Rejuvenation – Renew ageing skin; reduce lines and wrinkles
  7. Acne Management – Reduce acne breakouts for clearer skin
  8. Ultrasound Body Contouring – Reduce cellulite and circumferential fat
  9. Ultrasound Skincare Infusion – Drive active skincare ingredients deeper
  10. RF Facial Skin Tightening – Lift and tighten jowls and lax skin
  11. RF Body Skin Tightening – Tighten loose skin after weight loss

Workstation features

  • Simple and Professional operation modes
  • Plenty of variable spot size options
  • Integrated skin cooling system
  • Large colour touchscreen interface
  • 2,000 watts power output
  • 12+ hours continuous operating time

Order UltraLUX V4 by June 30 to receive your free OBSERV 520 skin observation platform

Showcasing state-of-the-art skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology, OBSERV 520 assists dermatologists and skin therapists with intricate skin diagnosis at both the epidermal and dermal level. The interactive design encourages both skin therapist and client to study skin imbalances in dramatic detail, providing an informative, reliable service and visually supportive opportunity to organically transition consultations to confirmed treatment bookings. 

Platform features

  • Provides fast full face skin analysis, photographing each observation mode in quick succession
  • Tracks treatment progress with impressive side-by-side comparison photos
  • Integrated client database stores analysis images and consultation notes
  • Portable iPad control app for wireless operation and easy viewing for clients
  • Generates and sends consultation reports direct to your client’s email
  • Includes a 29 page, full colour Skin Condition Reference Guide
  • Packs down into included travel bag for take-anywhere skin consultations

OBSERV delivers fast and thorough skin observation through 6 skin illumination modes

  • Daylight — the skin as seen in a controlled, natural daylight environment
  • Parallel Polarised — enhanced skin surface view: fine lines, micro-relief, wrinkles, texture and pores
  • Cross Polarised — suppresses surface shine for unobstructed views of dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammation and pigmentation
  • True UV — creates distinguishable fluorescence patterns and exposes surface and subsurface skin abnormalities
  • Simulated Wood’s Light — adjusts the light spectrum to reveal diagnostic dimensions, such as skin dehydration and oiliness
  • Complexion Analysis — reveals inhomogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritation



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