2 steps to the ultimate extractions

Power up your extractions with bt-Micro™ + DECONGEST

Traditionally extractions have been performed with a non-mechanised comedone extractor tool — a process that is slow and time consuming. Nowadays, the most efficient, efficacious and powerful way to tackle extractions is with the bt-Micro™ ultrasonic exfoliating and peeling tool combined with the topical application of the DECONGEST extraction formula by Bio-Therapeutic. Together, they create the ultimate 2-step extraction process that delivers industry-leading results every time.


After cleansing and exfoliating, apply bt-Ceuticals DECONGEST to the treatment area. This paraben and fragrance-free formula softens and prepares skin for superior extractions.

  • Antiseptic corn mint, orange, palmarosa and geranium act as a disinfectant for acne-causing bacteria and as an anti-inflammatory for soothing skin.
  • Collagen hydrates, while a strategic mineral salt blend softens hardened sebum and fats for easy and thorough blackhead/blemish removal.
  • Facilitates a gentle yet highly effective extraction process with no trauma and less discomfort.


Now it is time to power up the bt-Micro™. This handheld ultrasonic + microcurrent exfoliation and peeling device is a must for everyday use in the salon, spa or clinic. From priming and exfoliating skin to driving serums, ampoules and topicals deeper into the dermal layer, bt-Micro™ is the most versatile and value-driven handheld aesthetic technology that enhances virtually any facial service.

  • For quick and powerful extractions, set the bt-Micro™ to clear mode and using gentle pressure, pass the flat peeling probe at a 45 degree angle over the treatment area. The extractions will collect on the peeling probe, which you can then remove with a sterilised wipe.

NEXT-LEVEL EXTRACTIONS: Watch the bt-Micro™ in action!

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