2018’s top tips for better business this year

Ensure your business goes from strength to strength this year

Caroline Nelson’s top tips for better business in 2018

Now that the new year is well and truly underway, it’s time to put a business action plan into gear to ensure your salon, spa, or clinic only goes from strength to strength over the coming months. We reached out to beauty business coach Caroline Nelson, of Nelson Beauty Management, to share her top 4 tips for success in 2018.

1. Develop better Time Management

Start by creating a plan, schedule, or ‘to do’ list instead of jumping from one task to another without fully completing the first. If you’re a ‘working therapist’ in your business, block out specific time for ‘working on your business’. Don’t try and squeeze a few minutes here and there between appointments because this never works, management needs dedicated time.  And try not to take work home that can and should be completed during business hours.

2. Develop the Best Team

Build a Team of Experts — not just employees who perform services — but experts who solve client’s aesthetic problems. Provide these experts with the latest scientific technology/devices, advanced tools for analysis, high-results cosmeceuticals, and training to achieve outstanding results and deliver on the “Brand Promise” you proudly promote and market. As a business owner you’re responsible for the training and development of your team, so invest time and money wisely. Inspire your team — educate, praise, celebrate and reward.

3. Develop Client Profit Pathways

Know your customer base and define the ‘target customer’. Your business exists for one purpose and that is to make money/profit — and this only happens if your customer’s needs are met. This entails identifying and understanding customer’s needs, concerns, purchase behaviour and product usage, just to name a few. Knowing this information will allow you to “target market” specific services and products to those more likely to buy.

4. Develop Yourself

Investing in yourself is an investment in bottom-line profitability. Every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever known is current with their industry through subscribing to magazines, journals, reports, newsletters and industry publications. They attend seminars to hone their skills, and understand that they can always learn more. But what really sets an entrepreneur apart is that they seek experts to help and support them in reaching their goals and they quickly adapt and implement new improved methods. In fact all successful entrepreneurs, like athletes, have a coach to help them improve skills to reach their “personal best”. A business needs this opportunity as a foundation, in order to achieve its highest profit potential.

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