3 Ways to Promote Your Super Facials

Here we look at 3 ways you can promote the Super Facial to your client base and spread the word about the tried-and-true “geneO+ glow”.

1. The Lunch Break Facial 

The geneO+™ Super Facial is perfect marketed as a “Lunch Break Anti-ageing Facial” for your Express treatment menu. Busy clients who are short on time can experience the condensed benefits of cellular oxygenation, epidermal exfoliation and skin brightening/anti-ageing nutrient infusion in 30 minutes flat.

2. The Pre-Party Facial 

By oxygenating skin cells from within, gently removing the stratum corneum, infusing skin corrective nutrients deep into the dermis and non-invasively tightening and contouring facial features with RF technology, geneO+™ functions beautifully as a pre-party facial treatment. When clients need to look their best, geneO+™ leaves skin plump, hydrated, smooth, radiant and lifted for a fresh, revitalised appearance.

3. The “Triple Action” Anti-Ageing Facial 

Why would clients book in a 60-minute microdermabrasion or oxygen facial when they can reap the benefits of both these treatments in a single appointment? geneO+™ provides triple action age management benefits addressing everything from fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sunken skin and laxity, dull, uneven skin tone, and more.

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