3 Ways to Upsell LED Treatments

Push your LED investment to its fullest potential

Any forward-thinking skin specialist understands what a valuable asset LED technology adds to the treatment room environment.

With LED, clients can receive advanced skin rejuvenation and corrective treatments that are superior to topical skincare, and gentler than other skin rejuvenation technologies such as laser and IPL. Ultimately, LED is a skin treatment for everyone: and there are many ways you can appeal to each target market outside of a stand-alone light therapy facial. Here are 3 ideas to get you started.

1. Supercharge any skincare facial

When booking in any traditional skincare facial service, ask the client if they would like to supercharge their facial with LED for only $XX more. Closing a skincare facial with a relaxing and restorative treatment of LED will drive the applied topicals deeper into the skin for more radiant skin corrective results, and enhance the objective of the facial (for example, using Red LED for an anti-ageing facial and Blue LED for a skin clearing facial).

2. Reduce recovery time

The anti-inflammatory, wound healing and restorative properties of LED light make it an ideal treatment to receive after laser, IPL and injection procedures. This can be offered as an optional add-on to any of these services to not only optimise the treatment results, but also to reduce post-treatment inflammation and swelling, and speed up any associated recovery time. This customer care-driven service goes that extra mile for clients who want to get back to their usual activities quicker, but also wish to remain discreet about their procedures in their daily life.

3. Team it with other tech

LED has got to be the most versatile technology in the treatment room. Not only does it hold its own as a stand-alone facial, it can also be safely integrated into virtually any facial service, including services using other treatment technologies. Get creative with your LED profit potential by developing comprehensive, high-tech skin corrective treatment plans that blow competitor results out of the water. LED can be teamed with hydrodermabrasion, oxygen facials, microcurrent and skin needling systems, typically as the final step to soothe, calm, activate, nourish, and bring the skin back into balance.

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