4 reasons why clients choose geneO+™ for skin rejuvenation

Why this anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation platform has quickly become a spa and clinic favourite!

The success of your treatments and services is ultimately dependent on the reaction, response and feedback of your clients

If a client loves their results, they will spread the word to their friends, family, and social media networks — and this, essentially — is how a little-known or new aesthetic treatment has the power to go “viral”.

Since launching onto the market, the geneO+™ anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation platform has quickly become a spa and clinic favourite, with clients reporting visible improvements to their skin concerns, and feelings of increased satisfaction with the overall look and feel of their skin. Is your client’s preferred skin treatment geneO+™ too? Here are 4 reasons why it will be.

The results speak for themselves!

Studies have shown that participants who underwent OxyGeneo skin oxygenation treatment with the geneO+™ measured an increase in transcutaneous oxygen levels, as well as improvements in skin smoothness.

  • 67% reported reduction in pore appearance.
  • 58% reported improvements to pigmentation.
  • 84% noticed improvements to fine lines and wrinkles.

3D Primos imaging technology was used in the study, demonstrating a reduction in wrinkle depth up to 102 microns, while Delfin technology revealed enhanced skin glossiness in 67% of the study participants. Visio Meter microscopic imaging further demonstrated improvements to skin scaliness, and those who also underwent combined OxyGeneo and TriPollar collagen remodelling and skin tightening treatment displayed enhanced results with the proven skin tightening and collagen synthesis effects of the TriPollar massager.

geneO+™ kickstarts natural oxygenation from within

While skin oxygenation treatments are continuing to rise in popularity, geneO+™ is unique in that it utilises the body’s own oxygen generation mechanism, instead of delivering oxygen from an exterior source. This natural oxygenation method enriches the skin cells from within, and is enhanced by gentle removal of the stratum corneum through exfoliation, as well as infusion of essential brightening and anti-ageing nutrients that are delivered deep into the oxygenated cells for superior skin correction outcomes.

geneO+™ is the perfect lunch break anti-ageing treatment

Using non-invasive measures and without inflicting trauma to the treatment zone, geneO+™ is the first aesthetic technology to provide OxyGeneo natural skin oxygenation from within safely, non-surgically, and without any post-treatment downtime required. This gentle and enjoyable approach to effective anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation makes geneO+™ an advanced treatment suitable for all skin types, with convenient treatment times of 30 minutes or less. Treatment is not limited to the facial region, either — clients can enjoy the skin rejuvenating effects of geneO+™ on their neck, décolleté and hands — all areas where the signs of ageing are more prominent.

geneO+™ works with your clients objectives

Another reason why geneO+™ is regarded as the best non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment available on the market today, is its ability to work with your clients desired treatment outcomes. From providing stand-alone OxyGeneo skin oxygenation exfoliation, to enhancing results with combination protocol options such as TriPollar skin tightening and and Ultrasound dermal infusion. Treatment parameters are also adjustable, allowing appropriate treatment delivery based on the client’s specific skin type and skin characteristics.

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