5 Must-Know Social Media Updates

Are you using social media to its fullest potential? With the likes of Facebook and Instagram regularly updating their platforms, it can be difficult to keep up with what is available for you and your business.

Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Rachel Medlock shares 5 updates to Facebook and Instagram and her top tips to ensure they work hard for your business.

1. Jobs

If you’re on the hunt for a new team member, you can advertise your role for free via Facebook. Your job will also appear on your newsfeed.

Just like advertising on a job site, you will be asked to share insights into the role, your location and salary expectations. To give your applicants even more insight, you can include images or videos of your business and team.

2. Support a charity

Does your business work with charities or fundraising initiatives? You can spread the word about their work through Facebook!

Simply select “support a charity” on your page and begin to type in the organisation’s name. Once confirmed, a donate button will complement your Facebook post about why your business is getting behind them.

3. Quiz

Instagram has featured a number of ways to boost your Instagram Story engagement – including creating a custom quiz for your audience.

A quiz on your products, services or even a new addition to your business on its way is a fun way of engaging your audience whilst simultaneously educating them!

For example, if you’re offering IPL treatments, develop a quiz that gets followers to guess what you can and can’t treat with your technology as a way to expand their knowledge of what you can do for their skin.

4. Polls

Polls on Facebook and Instagram allow your followers to have a say and feel invested in your brand. It also provides you with first-hand, qualitative feedback about your business.

Here are 2 ways to use polls on social media:

  1. Creating value-adding content
    Polls are particularly fantastic for gauging the kind of content your followers want to see on your page. Ask “this or that” style poll questions on your feed to find out what your followers engage with more and what to see more of on your page. You could be posting a lot of images but your followers might prefer videos, want to see more b&a or even more about your team.
  2. Business growth and development
    If you’re considering launching a new product or service, why not take it to the polls to gauge audience engagement? It allows you to compile a list of opportunities that are of interest to your followers in addition to building pre-launch hype about a potential new offering.

5. Offers

Facebook has an offer feature where you can share information about your latest promotion or saving. Facebook offers are applicable to online and offline promotions and launch/expire when you desire.

My favourite part of Facebook offers is the reminders it sends to your followers that click on it. Every single user that clicks on your offer will receive an “ending soon” notification to remind them to book or purchase. – effective online marketing without lifting a finger!

How are you maximising social media for your business? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pro tips! 

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