Beauty Business 101: Professional Skin Analysis

The importance of professional skin analysis

How many times have we heard of clients being unsatisfied with their skin, even after they’ve received a treatment at a beauty salon or spa? Typically the problem is that their skin condition, which they were genuinely seeking help for, was not addressed properly and therefore did not improve following their visit.

Professional beautician in the beauty spa making a facial massage

From my many years of working in the business of skin, I would venture to say that unsatisfactory treatment results come down to an unprofessional or misguided skin analysis, or worse yet, a lack of skin consultation at all before rushing into a treatment.

A thorough skin consultation is the core foundation leading in to any skin treatment and is what will yield the most professional, clinical-standard results. Professional results equals happy clients and happy clients, of course, equals return clients. It really is that simple.

If you feel that skin analysis is an area where your business could receive more education, then it’s important to receive professional training on this as soon as possible. It’s a small investment now that will only help to produce bigger and better business outcomes and increased customer satisfaction in the long run.

A helping hand with technology

Thanks to incredible advancements in the industry, beauty therapists also have a very powerful helping hand in the form of skin analyser technology. Take the Dermograph™ transdermal skin analyser for example. Since its arrival at The Global Beauty Group, it has been empowering beauty therapists everywhere with state of the art transdermal skin analysing technology while completely eliminating the guesswork that comes along with a skin consultation that uses only the naked eye.

No more ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ and feeling unsure about how to proceed with a client’s skin concern – the Dermograph™ utilises combined scientific methods of transdermal analysis to tell you exactly what the client’s skin is lacking and even provides the best course of treatment based on the examination data. This is why case studies on the Dermograph™ have shown that the device not only works to increase treatment bookings and products upsells, but also greatly improves client satisfaction and customer loyalty to the business.

So think of it this way

A salon, spa or clinic without professionally trained skin analysis is just like a doctor who has not completed medical studies and does not have the factual knowledge, or uses outdated tools and information to prescribe appropriate medicine for his patients. Would you go to this doctor? I don’t think so.

At the end of the day

A misdiagnosis of a client’s skin may only lead to further exasperation of the skin condition, which means that client definitely won’t be coming back.

Having complete confidence in your skin analysis will win you clients and make them not only return, but recommend you to their friends and family too. So if you feel you are not fully competent in this department, my best advice is – do not wait a second longer and invest in proper training and skin analysing tools right now!

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