Beauty Business 101: Upselling Skincare

Sluggish retail sales? Here’s 5 tips for upselling your skincare range

1. Always start with skin analysis/consultation

Trying to upsell your retail range at the end of an appointment is missing out on a big opportunity: the consultation stage. Rule number one is to always, always conduct a skin analysis before any treatment to determine where the imbalances lie and to alert the client from the get go as to what they can do to improve their skin condition. Using cutting-edge skin analysing software during the consultation, like the Dermograph™ which automatically recommend products from your own range, truly makes skin consults ultra professional and product upselling a breeze.

2. Confidently impart your wisdom

You went through all that training for good reason! To share your knowledge with your clients and help them feel and look wonderful in the process. During consults or the treatment stage, ask your clients about their skincare habits and be sure to confidently explain the importance of a solid skincare regimen and what the risks are if they fail to do this (acne/congestion, premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, etc.)

3. Clearly explain each benefit

Go into full detail about what each step of a skincare routine is and why it is necessary (eg. the importance/science of exfoliation and a weekly replenishing/protective masque, etc). If you just throw a bunch of products at a client and tell them they need all of them but fail to explain why, they are not going to trust in your recommendations. Take your time to go through each skincare step so it is easier for the client to understand why each product is crucial to their routine, that is if they want ageless skin that radiates with health!

4. Go into the juicy details

This is where you can really impress your clients with your knowledge about active ingredients in the products and how they work to beautify or correct the skin. Again, it’s about taking the time and care to really demonstrate your authority on the topic of skin health and give credit to the sale. Never assume the client is educated on product ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, for example, probably means nothing to the average person; but if you explain hyaluronic acid molecules can hold up to 1,000 times their weight in water to increase skin hydration and the importance of hyaluronic acid in anti-ageing in the product you are recommending, they are far more likely to proceed with the sale. Because frankly, as we experts know, hyaluronic acid is awesome! But does the client know that? This is why you need to educate them.

5. Offer support

Go above and beyond what is expected of a therapist and genuinely be there to support your clients with the skincare routine you have prescribed for them. Make it as easy as possible for them by offering to type up instructions for their daily routine and give them your direct business contact details should they need advice on how to use a particular product. With such a thorough level of professional care, and provided you have prescribed the right products through proper skin analysis, the client is sure to be knocking on your door again once their supply has run out.

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