Here at The Global Beauty Group, we love to provide our loyal salons with everything they need to run a successful business. With so many important aspects to consider, you need to remain as informed and prepared as possible, so you can offer your clients the best and most advanced in beauty treatments- and The Global Beauty Group can help.


What We Do:
We help our clients to help their clients, with the latest in cutting-edge medical aesthetic technology and insights into industry trends and new techniques, with a focus on value, innovation, and quality. Our beauty equipment is at the forefront of the industry, and we offer flexible financing solutions and personalised customer service.

Our Technical Support 

We have Australian based call centres from our engineers across Australia and New Zealand, with troubleshooting video guides to talk you through any minor problems. We offer a same-day dispatch on loan devices, and have spare parts available if something runs aground and you need a replacement.

 Training Support

Our comprehensive training program is world-class, with industry expert trainers and professional training facilities ensuring you’re prepared for your new successful business, with retraining options available. You will personally meet the Global Beauty Group team, ask questions, and network important connections, which will help you to carve out a spot for your business.

Clinical Support 

With easy to use manuals, you’ll receive consultation and consent forms, research papers and skin physiology guides, support videos, treatment protocols, and everything else you’ll need to provide a comfortable, comprehensive clinical experience to your clients.

Marketing Support 

Receive brochures, image resources, pre-written email campaigns and copy for digital platforms and social media, with a complete Marketing Guide and treatment menu and pricing guides. These tools will be pivotal in learning how to market your business to your local clientele, and to create demand for your services.

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 Our Technology  

The Global Beauty Group only offers the leading range of beauty equipment, with scientifically advanced solutions to any skincare concerns.

Microdermabrasion Machine:
Our microdermabrasion machines are the most reliable and advanced in the market, and are a fantastic option for salons to offer for their wide range of benefits. From acne and pigmentation, to fine lines and wrinkles, microdermabrasion machines are cost-effective, and accessible for beauty therapists of all levels and expertise who are correctly trained.

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Tattoo Removal Machine:
With the massive social influx of permanent skin art and tattooing, tattoo removal is becoming a highly sought after skill in the beauty industry. Our specialised tattoo removal machines include the world’s fastest tattoo removal device, and can effectively remove tattoos over a series of sessions- hugely beneficial to your business in a market which is rapidly gaining traction.

IPL Laser Machine:
As clients move away from less effective hair removal methods such as shaving, and painful treatments such as waxing, IPL laser hair removal is at the forefront of hair removal technologies. Our range of IPL laser machines make us Australia’s leading suppliers, and they offer many different amazing benefits for you and your clients.

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 Fat Cavitation Machine

Sculpt your figure and experience firmer, younger skin with fat cavitation and skin tightening. Ultrasound Fat Cavitation is a popular, non-surgical option for clients seeking to remove fat and cellulite as well as contour the body for a slimmer appearance. These ultrasound cavitation treatments are designed to treat all key regions of the body where stubborn fat is commonly stored.

Talk to The Global Beauty Group about helping you to kick start your business with an exciting new range of products and services, and all the material and guides you’ll need to make your new venture a success. Visit our website for more information on our range of beauty salon equipment and beauty business building products or phone 1300 006 607 to find out more!