The latest innovation in microdermabrasion technology is called hydrodermabrasion. Here we look at four ways a hydrodermabrasion machine simplifies your traditional microdermabrasion services, while offering higher-impact clinical results for your clients.

1. No more crystal particles
Hydrodermabrasion machines utilise a diamond-tip wand handpiece fitted with an abrasive disc that passes over the skin to remove the stratum corneum and evenly exfoliate the surface area. This completely eliminates the need for the spray of tiny crystals used in traditional microdermabrasion machines, which has the potential to leave debris on the skin if the crystals are not vacuumed up thoroughly.

2. Suits all skin types
Because traditional microdermabrasion technology offers only one level of abrasion, the treatment may not always be ideal for sensitive or reactive skin. Hydrodermabrasion technology, on the other hand, offers a range of interchangeable abrasive discs, where clinicians can select the appropriate level of exfoliation intensity to suit the client’s skin type. This means that even clients with sensitive skin can enjoy the multiple skin renewal benefits of hydrodermabrasion.

3. Exfoliates and hydrates
While traditional microdermabrasion machines merely abrades the skin with corundum crystals, hydrodermabrasion machines take your exfoliation treatments to a deeper level by adding intensive hydration therapy into the service. Strategic jets situated in the hydrodermabrasion handpiece infuse nourishing skin corrective formulas, tailored to the client’s skin type, deep into the skin cells as the skin is exfoliated. The treated skin is better able to absorb the hydrating ingredients, allowing for a superior service outcome and a healthy post-treatment glow.

4. Works in synergy with other technologies

While a hydrodermabrasion facial functions as a brilliant stand-alone service, you can also use your diamond head microdermabrasion machine as part of a layered treatment program to expedite anti-ageing and skin corrective outcomes. Transform the texture, clarity, firmness and radiance of your client’s skin by layering hydrodermabrasion with oxygen facial technology, LED light therapy and microcurrent muscle re-education.









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