3 Ways to Promote My IPL Machine on Social Media

Congratulations! You’ve made a smart business decision by adding an intense pulsed light (IPL) machine your array of services! This ground-breaking technology will expand your suite of services and make your business more attractive to potential clients. But how can … Continued

What’s Hot For 2017

2016 was a big year for non-invasive beauty treatments with Australian’s spending a record $1 Billion! With the demand for technology-driven beauty growing at an exponential rate, this figure is only set to increase over 2017 as more Aussies seek … Continued

The Global Beauty Group – Growing Your Business Beautifully With Aesthetic Technology

Here at The Global Beauty Group, we love to provide our loyal salons with everything they need to run a successful business. With so many important aspects to consider, you need to remain as informed and prepared as possible, so … Continued

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