Just when consumers are still trying to discern the difference between oxygen facials, radio frequency and ultrasound comes the aesthetic machine that literally takes the guesswork out of choosing a skin care treatment plan. In just 30 minutes, the Geneo+™ provides the benefits of three of today’s most popular results-driven therapies in one powerful device:

• Patented OxyGeneo™ oxygen therapy technology
• TriPollar® Radiofrequency (RF) contouring and skin tightening
• Ultrasound™ infusion for deeper penetration of active skincare ingredients

Beauty Equipment like the Geneo+™ not only makes providing advanced skin care services more streamlined than ever, it can virtually eliminate the need to upsell or prescribe multiple therapies to address various skin concerns. For the consumer, the Geneo+™ is nothing less than a complexion super-hero.
The Geneo+™ Super Facial is possibly the biggest game changer to the non-invasive aesthetic industry in recent years. Bringing effective skincare to the next level with the ease of one device.

  • Oxygenation – generates a chemical reaction producing CO2 bubbles which gently rupture on the skin’s surface to oxygenate skin for a radiant and youthful glow.
  • Exfoliation – in combination with the pioneering Capsugen tablet (sodium bicarbonate + citric acid) attached to the tip of the hand piece, it exfoliates the epidermis to remove dead skin cells for an instantly smoother complexion.
  • Infusion – the body responds with the hemoglobin carrying oxygen to the skin’s surface. This further increases oxygen levels which drive the active ingredients of the chosen treatment gel deeper into the skin for a superior skin correction and nourishment.

Clients can expect to see the following results after a single session:

• Oxygenates skin for a revivifying glow
• Improves skin tone, texture and firmness
• Instantly exfoliates and brightens skin
• Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Relieves eye puffiness for a revitalised look
• Optimises absorption of active skincare ingredients
• Replenishes skin cell metabolism
The Geneo+™ is applicable to all skin types, textures and tones. Every client is a candidate and everyone can achieve visible and painless skin improvement without surgery or injections. To find out how you can start giving the Geneo+™ Super Facial, contact The Global Beauty Group at AU 1300 006 607 or NZ 0800 398 749.


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