The non-surgical anti-ageing alternative that really works

There’s no shortage of anti-ageing skin machines on the market vying for our attention, but which ones are truly raising the bar in terms of progressive innovation, and tried-and-true clinical results? One of the technologies to take note of is Divine PRO — a facial rejuvenation platform that is becoming increasingly popular among patients seeking a holistic alternative to face lift procedures and injectables.

The long-term anti-ageing treatment that delivers

Divine PRO is unique in that it unites three proven aesthetic technologies into the one sleek desktop platform. These technologies can be performed as individual anti-ageing treatments, or combined to intensify the overall skin rejuvenation results, depending on your patient’s skin condition, and their desired treatment objectives. Let’s explore the three technologies separately here.

1. TriFractional Radiofrequency (RF) for fractional skin resurfacing
The TriFractional handpiece uses minimally invasive micro pins (0.2 millimetre depth by 300 micron width) and RF energy, vertically penetrating and ablating the epidermal layer to induce a mild peeling effect. This gentle fractional resurfacing technique makes the treatment virtually painless, with minimal trauma to the skin. TriFractional is great for patients looking to augment and tone skin on the face, neck and décolleté, as it smooths and eradicates the fine lines that creep on with age.

2. VoluDerm deeper skin resurfacing and dermal volumising
The VoluDerm handpiece takes treatment up a notch with minimally invasive micro needles (0.5-millimetre depth by 150 micron width) to vertically penetrate and resurface the epidermis, and volumise the dermis with deep-reaching RF energy. The combined micro needle and RF application regenerate skin across the epidermal and dermal layers, stimulating hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin production for long-term anti-ageing benefits with minimal discomfort and post-procedure downtime. VoluDerm treatment is noted for treating the signs of ageing, reducing acne scars, and thickening the dermal layer for overall younger, healthier skin.

3. TriPollar skin tightening with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA)
For skin that loses elasticity with age, TriPollar with breakthrough DMA treatment can help turn back the clock comfortably and non-invasively. The applied RF heat induces instant retraction of collagen fibres, creating an immediate skin tightening and contouring effect, while stimulating fibroblast activity for long-term collagen induction and remodelling. Meanwhile, the applied DMA stimulates the Submuscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS), to tone and lift the facial muscles while simultaneously boosting blood and lymph circulation for optimal tissue oxygenation and detoxification.

Daniela Boerma, ABIA Therapist of the Year and owner of Bliss Day Spa uses Divine PRO DMA technology to intensify anti-ageing results for her clients. “Like building muscles at the gym, we’re actually exercising the facial muscles,” she says, adding that, “If the facial muscles are taut and firm, and activated, it’s a great support structure for the skin.”

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