Did you know: 34% of tattooed Australians wish they never got inked in the first place?

This concerning statistic has led to a boom in the demand for professional tattoo removal services. Salon businesses have taken this opportunity to widen their range of services to include tattoo removal treatments and stand-alone laser tattoo removal clinics are also on the rise around the country. When it comes to investing in laser tattoo removal equipment, quality is key and experts advise to stick with medical grade, classed devices such as the Ultralase tattoo removal machine. If you are thinking of branching into professional tattoo removal, you can read below our most common client questions regarding Ultralase and tattoo removal.

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What laser system does the Ultralase operate on?

Ultralase functions on Q-Switched Nd:YAG technology which is the latest and most up to date medical grade technology for delivering outstanding tattoo removal services.

My business has never offered tattoo removal services before. Do I need accreditation?

Individual states have different guidelines for laser operation, which our consultants can advise you of during your consultation. They even advise they best ways to get any accreditation provided by your state.

As with all The Global Beauty Group devices, we set you up with all the training and on-going technical support you need to get your brand new tattoo removal services underway.  Beware of equipment providers who do not offer in-depth training and support with their tattoo removal machines. At The Global Beauty Group, we provide a free hands-on, practical training course with every purchase of the Ultralase tattoo removal machine and you will be supplied with a training certificate upon completion.

How many sessions will my client require?

For optium results, each client will need between 6 and 12 sessions to remove their tattoo. As this is not a once-off single service, tattoo removal is an excellent way to build customer rapport, increase re-booking rate and foot traffic and bring in regular income for your business.

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What kind of tattoos can be removed with laser?

Tattoos containing black, dark blue, light blue, green and red pigments are perfect for laser tattoo removal treatments.

Is Ultralase suitable for all skin types?

Yes! The Ultralase device has been thoroughly tested and safely removes a variety of tattoos on all skin types.

For more info on Ultralase or to enquire about how you can introduce professional tattoo removal services into your business, click here.