When it comes to traditional IPL hair removal, the discomfort and lengthy sessions sometimes associated with treatments are now a thing of the past, thanks to the breakthrough SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology of the cutting-edge SuperLUX SHR Hair Removal Machine. 

Developed by The Global Beauty Group as part of their LUX Series range of technology, the SuperLUX raises the bar on what’s possible in long-lasting and lifestyle-driven beauty solutions, clients can now enjoy a virtually painless permanent hair reduction experience in almost half the time of a typical IPL hair removal session.Rapid session times mean clients are conveniently in and out of the treatment room in a flash, while business owners can maximise productivity by slotting more appointments into a single day.

The sleek and compact SuperLUX SHR also comes equipped with four other in-demand IPL services, including photo rejuvenation for visible age reduction, pigmentation removal, acne management and vascular treatments. You can also upgrade both the device, and your treatment menu, to include a Radiofrequency (RF) handpiece to perform full face and body skin tightening – a treatment continually gaining traction as a comfortable, effective and non-invasive alternative to surgery..

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