This year, in a bid to enhance the professional beauty industry’s service levels, we are teaming up with Beaute Industrie to deliver a podcast series on the 7 Essential steps that turn an average treatment into exceptional service.

In today’s professional beauty industry landscape, it’s not enough to just perform a treatment. Clients have come to expect a level of excellence from the professional beauty industry that listeners will be spending the next 7 weeks exploring across the Beaute Industrie podcast network.

These metrics of exceptional service include experience, results, value and time – all of which can be provided in every treatment across the industry from eyebrow wax to facial and all the way through to massage and makeup application.

There are 7 steps which span across seven episodes of this mini-series, which will expand how to enhance yours or your team’s client experience on. These 7 steps are; the booking, the introduction, the consultation, the diagnosis, the treatment itself, the prescription and the rebooking.

As 2020 is the year for advanced, results-driven beauty technology treatments, we are providing listeners with technology tips along the way which will not only enhance your service levels but to your bottom line.

This is episode one of seven on the 7 essential steps that turn an average treatment into an exceptional experience.

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