Acne vulgaris affects over 80% of teenagers. But why does this occur?

Excessive oil flow can break down the structure of the pores, causing bacteria to grow. Therefore, we typically see an increase of pimples when we are going through puberty.

With many contributing factors such as diet, stress, gut health to even makeup application, there is a range of ways to utilise your skin care machines to treat problematic teenage skin.

IPL Acne Management Treatments

P. Acne Bacteria lives in an oxygen-free environment, so when exposed to IPL acne management treatments, the blue light releases singlet oxygen and shuts down their metabolism. Acne treatments with an IPL Machine have no downtime and can be used as an ongoing maintenance treatment.

LED Light Therapy

LED uses Blue Light therapy to kill acne-causing bacteria which is found on the surface of the skin. It also works to eliminate the bacteria found within the oil glands. LED has no downtime and can be performed on the same day as many other treatments, including IPL.


Hydrodermabrasion works to remove dead skin, clear clogged pores and deeply hydrates the skin. Hydration allows for natural oil production to occur without blockages and increase skin healing time.

Oxygen Facials

While Free radicals are best known for air pollution, they can also worsen during times of stress, fast food consumption and when taking antibiotics. Increasing the oxygen levels in our skin will aid in keeping the acne bacteria at bay, stabilizing our skin, and help keep cellular energy high, which is important to ensure your skin is functioning correctly.