2016 was a big year for non-invasive beauty treatments with Australian’s spending a record $1 Billion!

With the demand for technology-driven beauty growing at an exponential rate, this figure is only set to increase over 2017 as more Aussies seek more permanent, results-driven services. So what are our top picks for achieving buzz-worthy beauty treatments this year? Find out below!

For results-driven facials: Bio-Synthesis™ LED
For outstanding clinical facial results, you can’t go past a LED Light Therapy Machine. High intensity LED lights deliver deep yet gentle therapies for a wide range of skin concerns:

    • Perform Red, Blue, Yellow and Green targeted skin renewal treatments
    • Discover 6 pre-set facial settings for easy touch-and-go facials
    • 6-way adjustable LED panel for maximum treatment coverage
    • Specially designed to target and treat acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, rosacea and more.

For pain free, rapid hair removal: SuperLUX SHR IPL
SHR is the latest innovation in fast and painless permanent hair removal.

  • It features revolutionary SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology for pain-free, rapid treatments.
  • Modern, compact design to suit a range of treatment rooms and salons.
  • It offers 2000 watts of performance power and 6 hours of continuous treatments.
  • It also performs 4 more IPL treatments including acne management and skin rejuvenation.

ipl legs

For body contouring and skin tightening: SlimLUX
SlimLUX offers a powerful way to deliver clinical results to clients looking to enhance their figure and fight problem areas like stubborn fat and cellulite without the pain, downtime and discomfort of surgery.

    • Targeted ultrasound fat cavitation and RF face and body skin tightening
    • Comfortable and non-invasive alternative to surgery (such as liposuction)
    • Convenient for clients on-the-go with no downtime required.

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