Creating A Head-To-Toe Clinic

With their busy lifestyles, what clients increasingly want from their clinician is quality, diversity of treatment options, and convenience. They are often overwhelmingly interested in more than just one service — and more importantly, they want to give their business to clinics who offer all the head-to-toe solutions.

Benefits for the client

This one-stop approach benefits clients by saving time and energy on resourcing their required services with different providers, and it also means they get to build an ongoing, genuine relationship with a single provider.

Benefits for your clinic 

Building this familiarity and trust is crucial for fostering a loyal customer base that equips your business with long-term, and even lifelong clients. Ultimately, it’s these ongoing, regular clients who will provide your business with stable, reliable income — so you want to look after them to ensure they aren’t taking their business anywhere else!

Building a one-stop-shop clinic

Creating a one-stop or head-to-toe clinic doesn’t have to be as daunting or as costly as one might think. It’s all about investing in strategic, multi-functional devices that offer an array of services in a single workstation. Even just one investment into a multi-functional workstation is enough to facilitate a one-stop experience for many customers who are interested in skin health and body enhancement.

Pollogen MAXIMUS

A perfect example of strategic, profit-building technology is the Pollogen Maximus. This dynamic “solution station” combines 3 clinically proven technologies to deliver a full spectrum of high-demand treatments for the skin and body. With the Pollogen Maximus alone, you can provide your clients with:

  • Skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
  • Radio frequency non-surgical fat and cellulite reduction
  • Dynamic Muscle Activation muscle toning and lifting
  • Face and body sculpting and contouring
  • Stretch mark reduction and post-natal tummy tightening

Integrating advanced skin rejuvenation machines like Pollogen Maximus into your service repertoire is a fast-track way to building a powerful one-stop clinic regardless of your business size or treatment space limitations.

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