Your Divine PRO Questions Answered

With nonsurgical aesthetic technologies raising the bar on what is possible in the treatment chair, clients have more flexibility than ever when it comes to designing their own service experience. Divine PRO is one such technology that is offering clients an easier, more approachable solution for advanced age management. Here is what you need to know.

Q1. Is Divine PRO just a fancy micro-needling device?

While Divine PRO uses minimally invasive micro needles and pins in two of its three treatments, it is much more advanced and versatile than a micro-needling system. Each treatment targets different layers of the skin’s structure to trigger its own unique benefits. The TriFractional™ handpiece uses tiny pins combined with Radiofrequency (RF) to work on the epidermal layer, the VoluDerm™ handpiece uses slightly longer micro needles together with RF energy to target the mid dermis, and the TriPollar® massager goes even further — engaging RF energy and muscle toning technology to work with the SMAS and deep dermal layers.

Q2. What are the key treatment objectives for each handpiece?

  1. TriFractional™ functions as a mild peeling procedure for clients with superficial skin concerns. This handpiece creates micro wounds at a depth of 0.2mm to remove old and damaged skin cells, replacing them with new and healthy skin for improved texture, clarity and reduced fine lines.
  2. VoluDerm™ ventures deeper with 0.5mm micro pins and controlled heat to augment the dermal layer for volumetric enhancement. The treatment stimulates production of new hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin to provide more dramatic rejuvenation effects and is great for clients seeking acne scar treatment or those wanting to restore thickness and resilience to ageing skin.
  3. TriPollar® is completely non-invasive, using a massaging handpiece that delivers RF energy and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) treatment direct to the muscle layers and deep dermis. This application kickstarts fibroblast activity for immediate and long-term skin tightening, while the DMA stimulates facial muscles for a contouring effect.

Q3. Can a client receive all three treatments?

Yes, Divine PRO treatments may be combined to intensify overall facial rejuvenation results. However, what is suitable for each client can be discussed during their consultation. A client seeking treatment for their under-eye bags may only need TriPollar® treatment, while another client with thinning, wrinkled and lax skin will benefit from both VoluDerm™ and TriPollar® applications.

Q4. Can Divine PRO be offered as an alternative to fillers?

Yes. Divine PRO serves as an holistic solution for working with the body’s natural mechanisms to naturally restore youth and vitality to the skin. This is a great point of difference for clients who do not wish to inject any substances into their body, but desire to achieve a more voluminous, contoured and lifted look.

Q5. Are the procedures painful?

Compared to other skin rejuvenation procedures on the market, Divine PRO provides advanced skin rejuvenation possibilities comfortably and with minimal epidermal trauma.

The TriFractional™ skin resurfacing is virtually painless, while TriPollar® skin tightening is recognised for its breakthrough in superior patient comfort. Again, these are great selling points for clients with low pain thresholds seeking high impact skin rejuvenation results. A course of treatments will gradually build up outstanding results, so there is minimal inconvenience or interruption to your client’s day-to-day lifestyle.

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