Introducing Laser Sapphire

Introducing Laser Sapphire : Next Generation Laser Technology 

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our portfolio of aesthetic devices which aim to empower your business through world class design and innovation. The Laser Sapphire is a high performance diode laser boasting a compact design that seamlessly integrates into treatment rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Enjoy performing professional laser hair removal services on a broad range of skin types enhanced by 1200 watts of power, 200 amps output and a superior built-in cooling unit for maximum patient comfort. With more and more customers choosing permanent hair removal solutions over waxing and shaving, the sophisticated Sapphire Laser provides the perfect fit for space limited salons or busy, established spas and clinics seeking to modernise their treatment menu and welcome in a whole new range of clientele.

Laser Sapphire features:

  • 1200 watt diode laser stack enables faster and more effective treatments
  • Sapphire Laser offers both long sweeping, short sweeping and stamping application modes for fast and effective treatments on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I – VI
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handpiece weighing just 630 grams reduces operator fatigue
  • Pyramidal handpiece tip allows superior access to difficult to reach treatment areas
  • Achieves professional hair removal results in just 4-6 treatment sessions
  • Advanced built-in Depil-Ice® skin cooling reaches -7° C for superior patient comfort
  • Hermetically sealed laser delivery system allows the handpiece tip to be chilled without risk of internal condensation, prolonging the life of the diode handpiece
  • 1-3Hz pulsed and 10-15Hz sweep pulse repetition rates for ultra-fast treatments
  • 10” colour LCD touch screen enables quick, easy navigation
  • Preconfigured settings rapidly treat an array of skin types, hair colours and hair density’s
  • Fully adjustable settings and controls enable advanced, finetuned treatments
  • No consumables means low running costs and great value for your business

As a premium supplier of technology, The Global Beauty Group are excited to add the advanced Laser Sapphire to our range of devices

“Having now spent over 5 years as a supplier in the medical and aesthetic devices industry, I have had first hand experience with dozens of laser hair removal devices and I can confidently say the Laser Sapphire is the highest performing in terms of business benefits, client results and overall value that I have seen. It offers unrivalled power and performance, advanced integrated skin cooling up to -7° C for superior client comfort, ergonomic application and treatments that are fast and easy for clinicians to perform – making the Laser Sapphire the ideal laser hair removal choice for dynamic beauty professionals.”
– Kane Hammond, CEO and Co-Founder

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