Laser Sapphire: The Star Of Beauty Expo Australia

Laser Sapphire takes the gold at Beauty Expo Australia 2016

Visitors to the recent Beauty Expo in Sydney were treated to a very special opportunity to touch, feel and get to know the state-of-the-art Laser Sapphire – the brand new edition to our outstanding portfolio of advanced aesthetic technology handpicked from the latest and greatest technologies that are making the biggest waves on today’s global beauty market. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect laser device to boost your business profits and cash flow, then the Laser Sapphire is your ticket to fast, affordable and ultra-professional laser hair removal services.

Why did this cutting-edge laser wow the crowds?

It could be the fact that the Laser Sapphire is compact in size without compromising any power (that’s 1200 watts by the way), or it could be the high power and short pulse widths that deliver higher hair clearance rates meaning fewer sessions. Just 4-6 sessions are needed to achieve effective permanent hair removal results. It could also be the pyramidal handpiece tip that allows therapists to gain efficient access to all the hard to reach areas, or the easy breezy preconfigured settings that enable touch-and-go treatments for a wide variety of skin types, hair colours and hair densities. And did we mention the built-in cooling unit that reaches -7 degrees Celsius to provide superior comfort for clients during hair removal sessions? That’s why!

6 more ways Laser Sapphire is the new gem of permanent hair removal

1. Offers long sweeping, short sweeping and stamping application modes
2. Ergonomic handpiece weighs just 630 grams to reduce operator fatigue
3. 1200 watt diode laser stack enables faster, more effective treatments
4. No consumables means low running costs and excellent profit building value
5. Hermetically sealed laser delivery system ensures a prolonged handpiece life span
6. Fully adjustable settings and controls allow therapists advanced, finetuned operation

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