INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Packaging treatments for better business results

Having a chic and on-trend treatment menu that reflects the demands of the current beauty climate is one way to generate customer interest; another is to do this while also maintaining a unique point of difference that sets you apart from other salon, spas and clinics in your area.

A beautiful way to achieve this is by offering your clients treatment packages that are enticing, convenient and speak directly to your target market. Packaging treatments is also a one-stop opportunity to showcase to your clients and potential clients your range of services as a beauty treatment provider that can help them with their specific needs ­– plus, customers simply love a ‘package deal’ as it represents value for money while also offering something that feels extra special.

When it comes to getting the most out of your aesthetic technology, there are a few key reasons why packaging treatments is a savvy thing to do from a business and marketing point of view:

  • Combining two or more technologies into a package option increases foot traffic to those selected services, thereby offering you double mileage and a quicker Return On Investment on your devices
  • Packaging compatible aesthetic services into one treatment program is a great way to deliver superior results to your clients when compared to stand-alone services
  • It offers an excellent chance to tap into your local target market and say ‘Hey! We have what you are looking for – all in the one place and all for a great value price.’

Packaging treatments for your target market

The first step is to identify your target market. Build a profile of the typical customer that walks through your door. For example, if you find the scale tends to tip in favour of the older market, then you can begin to construct a package that speaks directly to their age-relevant concerns (skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation therapy, etc.) On the flipside, if your area tends to draw in a lot of young, image conscious and beauty-savvy young adults, you can offer them a package that meets their on-trend needs all in the one hit (hi-tech facials, permanent hair removal, spray tan, etc.) If you’re fortunate enough to experience all ends of the spectrum coming through your door, then why not have a special section in your service menu dedicated to fresh, fun and age-relevant treatment packages?

3 treatment package ideas to get you thinking outside the box

Mummy Makeover Package

Combine ultrasound cavitation, skin tightening and relaxing facial treatments into a package for new mums looking to feel fresh, body confident and pampered after baby.

Luminous Skin Renewal Program

Combine detoxifying oxygen facials, hydrodermabrasion and brightening LED treatments into a package for busy, on-trend professionals who want to look their radiant best and stand out from the crowd.

Ready, set, SUMMER Package

Combine IPL permanent hair removal, body contouring and spray tan into a treatment package for image-conscious young adults seeking a beach-ready body after the cold months.

Also think about creating technology-accelerated pampering packages for special event days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Once you board the treatment package train you will find the potential is limitless so get creative and feel free to switch up your options every three months to reflect seasonal skin, hair and body demands.

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