Real life before and after success with IPL

We all know that IPL technology is a popular alternative to laser hair removal and is used all around the world; but it’s surprising to note that not everyone is clued in to the fact that IPL machines do so much more than just treat unwanted hair!

The reality is you’ll be hard pressed to find another all-in-one machine that not only conducts hair removal services but a range of skin corrective treatments as well. Whereas other aesthetic technology may add just one or two treatments to your service menu, a standard IPL machine instantly adds 5! How’s that for versatility! This makes IPL an affordable solution for small businesses looking to grow with the help of aesthetic technology without having to foot the high costs of multiple machines. It’s also an absolute must for established salons, spas and clinics who need to maintain the competitive edge by delivering the latest technology innovations.

Today we’re showcasing just one of the great ways IPL technology is delivering fantastic results in treatment rooms everywhere and that’s through skin rejuvenation. IPL skin rejuvenation is a truly powerful way to demonstrate to your clients just how much salons, spas and wellness clinics can achieve when it comes to professional standard aesthetic services. IPL skin rejuvenation has the potential to really change people’s lives by giving them more confidence in their body and skin – and it takes just a handful of treatments

Real Patient IPL Skin Rejuvenation Before & After Photos

At The Global Beauty Group, we offer a full range of IPL solutions that allow businesses of all sizes and expertise to experience the very best benefits IPL technology has to offer. From portable, compact IPL machines for small salons and beginners, to top-of-the-range 7 treatment workstations that are unparalled in performance and versatility, find out which IPL machine is the best fit for your business, budget and clientele by calling our device specialists now on AU 1300 655 013, NZ 0800 398 749.

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