For clinic and practice owners looking to take their medical-grade fat reduction results to the next level, The Global Beauty Group is now offering complimentary ReBorn treatment demos at our Moorabbin based showroom.

Developed by Israeli-based LightFective the ReBorn showcases innovative, forward thinking engineering for leading fat reduction results.

Innovative Power LEDs provide cutting-edge non-surgical fat reduction for easy, consistent, comfortable treatments and unbeatable clinical results.

940nm IR (infrared) light is utilised during treatments, as it is effectively absorbed by fat cells (5mm-14mm under the skin) while not impacting upon the epidermis. A patented “multisource approach” for homogeneous heat distribution across the entire treatment area elevates the temperature of fat cells to 42-47°C, triggering apoptosis.

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Power LED – The Optimal Energy Source for Medical-Grade Fat Reduction

ReBorn is unique in utilising innovative Power LED technology – a new type of light source hundreds of times more powerful than normal LEDs. Power LED uses the 940nm IR (infrared) wavelength, and can emit power up of 200W+ to achieve optimal heat absorption in targeted fat cells.

The use of Power LEDs also results in a lighter and more flexible treatment applicator that is uniquely capable of achieving an even, targeted heating of the fat cell.
The system is comprised of 4 lightweight ergonomic treatment applicators with a matrix array of 63 (9×7) Power LEDs in the 940nm IR (infrared) range – creating a 7x5cm² spot size with a semi-wide (80°) optical angle that is x1.45 bigger than competitors treatment applicators. Empowering ReBorn with the largest treatment spot size in the industry.

Successful fat cell apoptosis requires a uniform temperature of 42°-47°C applied to fat cells over a period of 35 min. Unlike other light-based technologies which suffer heat disparities of up to 60%, ReBorn delivers homogenous heat for enhanced treatment outcomes.

Innovative Features for Faster, Easier, Safer and More Effective Treatments

ReBorn provides targeted reduction of both adipose tissue and fat cells for a safe, comfortable and results driven alternative to liposuction with innovative device features that make effective fat-reduction treatments easier than ever:

Consistent Energy Distribution:

  • More effective heat coverage for consistent clinical results
  • Avoids irregular heat spikes for more comfortable treatments

Ergonomic, Intelligent Design

  • Small, light and maneuverable treatment applicators
  • Easy to use on multiple treatment areas
  • 4 of the largest treatment area applicators on the market

Convenient, Cost Effective Treatments:

  • No consumables, disposables or hidden charges
  • Effortless and comfortable, ideal as a “lunch-break” procedure
  • Hands-free treatments leave clinicians free for other services

Precision Engineering:

  • Fully-integrated Power LED and cooling technologies
  • Proprietary cooling technology keeps patient safe and comfortable
  • Applicators are designed to optimally fit most body areas

Before and After – Treatments with ReBorn

Medical-Grade Results, Clinically Proven Technology

ReBorn provides hands-free, clinically proven treatments that remove unwanted fat cells for long term fat reduction results.

Studies show ReBorn achieves an average temperature on targeted fat cells that is 2.4°C higher than leading competitive fat-reduction devices. Resulting in competitive treatments that are more effective in destroying fat cells with improved comfort patient comfort.

Treatment protocols consist of 3 comfortable 35-minute treatment sessions, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. As the body flushes out the treated fat cells patients see results within 6-8 weeks, with optimal results visible after 12 weeks.

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Technical Specifications

Light source: Power LED
Wavelength: 940nm (infrared)
Pulse width: CW
Treatment area of single treatment applicator: 70x50mm (2.76×1.97”)
No. of applicators: 4
Max. power density: 1.4W/cm²
Max. power output:           196W
Applicator life expectancy:           50,000 hours
Height (with control panel deployed): 131.5cm (51.75″)
Height (with control panel folded): 105cm (41.25″)
Width: 35cm (13.75″)
Depth: 52.5cm (20.75″)
Weight: 40kg (110 lbs)
Display: Full colour touch screen

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