The Rise Of Male Aesthetic Treatments

Are you catering to the male beauty market yet? New research suggests you should!

What did the research reveal?

In March 2017, the CPCA issued a press release revealing that in their latest survey, it was indicated 75% of men now think it’s acceptable to have anti-ageing treatments to address premature ageing. This statistic has increased a massive 25% on the 2014 survey findings which suggested that less than 50% of males found cosmetic procedures acceptable. This significant increase over just a few years demonstrates the rapidly changing attitudes towards cosmetic treatments from a male perspective.

So, what do men want?

The survey revealed that one third of Aussie men worry about looking old. It also showed that of the men who had already started to address anti-ageing, one quarter experienced some form of treatment within the last six months.

Currently, the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia for men include anti-wrinkle treatments, non-surgical fat reduction and laser hair removal. Spokesperson for the CPCA Dr. Catherine Porter says that working longer past middle age, and competitiveness on the job market could be driving factors behind this trend. “Although not a common conversation topic, men are recognising some of the signs of facial ageing and realising that they can do something to increase self-confidence. This increased confidence often filters into many aspects of working life,” she stated.

If your business is serious about helping men look and feel wonderful too, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what the experience is like in salon for men and if they will feel comfortable there. You can help make your salon or spa an oasis for both men and women by opting for gender neutral tones, having a good mix of reading material in the waiting area, and putting male treatment images on display, as well as female.

Introduce a treatment menu just for men

Put together a ‘For Men’, or ‘For Him’ section on your website with a list of treatments that you specialise in for males. As the survey revealed, these treatments can include (but are not limited to):

  • Anti-wrinkle treatments such as microdermabrasion, LED, laser resurfacing, IPL skin rejuvenation and oxygen therapy
  • Non-surgical fat reduction/body contouring with ultrasound cavitation
  • Laser and IPL permanent hair removal for face and body

Group together some products from your retail range that will work well with male skin, which is generally thicker, coarser and oilier than women’s. Having a basic skincare regimen for men (which you can adjust to their specific needs) ready-to-go demonstrates that you really care about your male clientele, and are not just trying to reel them into a female-only environment.

Tell the world you’re a man-friendly salon!

Once you have your male services sorted, hop onto your social media channels and let everybody know that you are an all-inclusive business that caters for male and female customers. This would also be a good chance to throw in a special offer ‘just for the guys’ to entice them through your door. The special offer could be something like:

“Hey guys, this one’s just for you! Get 3 IPL hair removal treatments for the price of 2 when you book with us before the end of May!”

Even if your social media following is currently predominantly women, there will be many wives, girlfriends, mums and sisters out there who will be happy to pass on the good news to the men in their life if you give them an offer they can’t refuse! Also be sure to take advantage of gift giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas with male orientated gift packages.

Put together a couple’s treatment package

Another great way to get the men coming through your door is to ease them into it by putting together a special couple’s package treatment. Some men may still be a little shy to take the plunge by themselves, so think ‘strength in numbers’ and put together a great deal for couples to take advantage of, like a ‘His and Hers’ massage + LED skin rejuvenation facial or introductory IPL skin rejuvenation package.

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