Why Skin Analysis is the First Step to a Successful Treatment

Selecting the right skin analyser for your business

Delivering better service outcomes with strategic skin analysis

If you ask a leading aesthetician what their top 3 day-to-day treatment tools are, you may be surprised that their skin analyser takes the number one spot on the list. This is because skin analysing technology allows beauty businesses to provide more accurate skin condition diagnosis, paving the way for finer-tuned prescriptions that result in superior service outcomes. Missing the mark on understanding your client’s epidermal and dermal imbalances is the fastest way to lose them as a customer when they feel the time and money they invested only led to a treatment that:

  1. Didn’t work; or
  2. Exacerbated their original skin condition.

So, how do you cultivate a win-win situation for both your business, and client?

You take the guesswork out of the skin diagnostic process. If a customer approaches you wanting microdermabrasion to treat their acne, a thorough skin analysis may reveal that a combination of blue and red LED light facials will offer a gentler, yet still highly effective approach without upsetting the reactive nature of their skin.

Skin analysing technology can also see beyond what the naked human eye can, picking up on critical nuances in the skin’s characteristics that may greatly alter a client’s treatment plan.

The highly intelligent skin analyser: Dermograph™

Dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin analyser that examines 2mm beneath the skin’s surface to diagnose skin conditions where they originate. The highly customisable and interactive software takes client’s on a complete skin health journey, following them from their initial consultation, right through to their post-treatment outcomes.

Treatment recommendations and products are automatically generated from the examination data, and the intelligent system provides highly accurate measurements of client’s texture, oil levels, hydration levels, pigmentation, vascular/redness, and collagen and elastin levels.

Perfect for: Beauty professionals who wish to deliver a top-tier skin consultation experience that results in a confirmed treatment booking at the end of the session. The Dermograph’s objective data and interactive engagement with clients has been proven to increase product sales and treatment upsells.

The all-seeing eye: OBSERV 520

The OBSERV 520 is a state-of-the-art skin observation platform that allows aestheticians to intricately examine skin at the epidermal and dermal level. Six observation modes illuminate the entire facial region, highlighting skin in-depth characteristics that the naked eye simply cannot see such as sun damage, vascular conditions, pigmentation and subsurface conditions.

The built-in database stores client images and consult notes with a direct-to-email examination report feature and arguably the most impressive ‘Before and After’ treatment comparisons available on the market.

Perfect for: Beauty professionals who wish to use strategic skin analysing technology to enhance the integrity of their skin consults, but ultimately would like final control over the recommended treatment plan for their client.

The handheld helper: bt-Analyze™

bt-Analyze™ is a smart handheld analytical device that acts as a support tool for beauty professionals as they move about their day in the treatment room, retail area and service area. Its primary function is to instantly analyse the moisture content of multiple facial zones, allowing therapists to provide fine-tuned treatment, as well as demonstrate moisture improvements with scientific measurements following facial services.

Perfect for: All beauty professionals. This pocket-sized tool comes in handy for providing on the spot skin consults in and out of the treatment room. Take to beauty conferences, expos and industry events to help people better understand the moisture characteristics of their skin.

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