The Social Media Makeover: 4 Ways to Make a Bigger Impact

In 2018, most businesses simply cannot afford to neglect social media — doing so puts you at risk of being drowned out by the competition. So is your social media engagement up to scratch? Our social media expert Rachel Taylor is here to help with 4 ways to reinvigorate your social media feed.

Get your social media into shape and enjoy better business results

Ask yourself – “Are my social media pages a reflection of my business?”

I’ve designed a quick social media makeover checklist to ensure your platforms are a true reflection of your professionalism:

  • Have I updated my Facebook to include a “services” section and filled this out accordingly? It’s like a pricelist for your Facebook!
  • Have I ensured my Facebook shows all my contact information and ways to book services?
  • Have I switched my Instagram over to a Business Profile so I have access to extra buttons such as call, email and directions?
  • Have I updated my Instagram bio to include information about my business and services?
  • Am I responding to messages and comments in a timely and professional manner? Remember, you can make extra bookings by engaging with your followers online.
  • Am I encouraging my favourite clients to post a review on my Facebook? Often people go straight to Facebook before visiting a new business so winning them over with positive reviews is critical.
  • Am I updating my Facebook cover photo regularly with new promotions and services I am offering?

Pro tip: You can now upload a video as a cover photo! Just ensure all cover photo content is within the correct dimension guidelines.

Are you using Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories allow you to connect with your audience in real-time, and they are fast becoming the preferred way to communicate on Instagram!

Pro tip: Use the fun polling feature during your stories to directly connect with your audience and gain valuable insight and feedback from your target market.

How often are you posting content?

There’s a fine line between posting too much, and posting too little. What works for your business will be dependent on your audience, and the nature of your posts. Whether you are posting once a day, or three times a week: always ensure your content is relevant, informative, engaging, or fun! The things to consider when maximising your social media posts are:

  • Are you boosting your content? A little investment can go a long way.
  • Are you including videos to increase your organic reach and add interest?
  • Are you showcasing a broad range of services, and not just brows and lashes?
  • Is your content high-resolution? Poor quality, blurry photos can really affect how people perceive your business. Make quality a priority.

Are you planning your content in advance? 

Many people say they don’t have time for social media but in reality, if you spend 2 hours a week planning your content and scheduling it all on Facebook, you don’t have to do much else. By dedicating a few hours to planning your posts for the week ahead, you can spend the rest of the week focussed on doing what you love: delivering the best beauty treatments in town!

Time management tip: You can automatically schedule Instagram posts if you have Hootsuite, which is a social media management platform. Why not try one of their free trials or plans?


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