By combining three separate facial treatments into the one streamlined platform, Geneo* is redefining the way aestheticians use facials as an efficacious facial service and skin preservation solution.

3-tiered facial technology:

  1. Patented OxyGeneo™ oxygen therapy technology
  2. TriPollar® Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening
  3. Ultrasound infusion for infusion of active skincare ingredients 


*For use in cosmetic treatments only

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The Geneo Effect

  • Create a more youthful complexion
  • Address the signs of ageing
  • Smooth and refine skin texture
  • Deliver an overall clearer, brighter and fresher skin tone

This comprehensive approach caters to the busy lifestyles of patients who are seeking quick and effective solutions for improving their skin health without disruption to daily life and work commitments.

The Science Behind OxyGeneo™

Prior to operating the OxyGeneo™ mode, a nutrient-rich treatment gel comprised of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol is applied to the client’s face.


  • OxyGeneo™ application oxygenates the skin for a radiant, revitalised glow.


  • Application is combined with the innovative Capsugen tablet (sodium bicarbonate + citric acid) attached to the tip of the handpiece which exfoliates the epidermis to remove dead skin cells for an instantly smoother complexion.


  • The body responds to the OxyGeneo™ further increases oxygen levels which drive the active ingredients of the treatment gel deeper into the skin for a superior skin-corrective result.

Before and After – Treatments with Geneo

Clinically Proven Oxypod Ingredients

Geneo Oxypods are strategically formulated to deliver enhanced treatment results on a range of common skin concerns including acne balancing, skin tone brightening and age management.

So, no matter your clients skin goals, you will be well equipped to offer them a targeted solution to meet their individual needs and leave them looking (and feeling!) their best.

Neo Revive Eco – Treats Signs of Aging

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing visible pores and textural irregularities
  • Improving skin density, balance and nutrition
  • Generating a healthier and more radiant skin appearance
  • Plumping and hydrating the skin with nourishing natural ingredients

Eco friendly and suitable for sensitive skin; Neo Revive Eco is jam packed full of nutrient rich skin loving ingredients such as pomegranate extract, rose hip oil, vitamins and peptides, retinol and hyaluronic acid.

Neo Bright Eco – Brighten uneven or sun damaged skin

  • Treating unwanted pigmentation and reducing discolouration
  • Improving the appearance of sun damage and sunspots
  • Illuminating skin appearance for a radiant healthy glow
  • Improving skin density, hydration, nutrition and overall skin tone

Neo Bright Eco combines natural emollients and nourishing vitamins with active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Azelaic, Kojic and Glycolic Acid – all clinically proven to reduce and treat unwanted skin pigmentation.

OxyGeneo Balance – Clears Acne Prone Skin

  • Detoxing and purifying the skin
  • Balancing oily complexions and creating a shine free appearance
  • Preventing future breakouts
  • Smoothing and refining texture and pores

OxyGeneo Balance is full of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, horsetail extract and vitamin c as well as argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to sooth irritated skin.

TriPollar® RF Skin Tightening

Skin tightening

  • The TriPollar® massager results in immediate skin tightening and firming.

Ultrasound [optional]

  • The optional ultrasound handpiece glides over the treatment region delivering significantly deeper penetration of the treatment gel ingredients when compared to traditional fingertip application.

Platform Features and Benefits

  • Three treatment handpieces: OxyGeneo™, TriPollar® RF and Ultrasound™ [optional]
  • Ability to treat the facial region as well as the décolleté and hands
  • Ultra modern tabletop design with user-friendly colour touch screen interface
  • Adjustable treatment parameters for tailored outcomes and objectives
  • Lightweight and portable device easily moves between treatment rooms
  • Single use Capsugen™ treatment tablets enable quick service preparation and maximum hygiene
  • Personalised patient treatment kits delivers superior customer care
  • Invigorates skin with a youthful glow
  • Revitalises dull complexions
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Relieves eye puffiness
  • Enhances effect of applied skincare products

Technical Specifications

  • Power output: Vibration frequency: 5-30Hz
  • Input voltage and current: 100-240 volt, 50-60Hz, 600mA
  • Input power rating: 12VDC, 2.0A
  • User interface: LCD colour touch screen
  • Dimensions: 38cm H x 38cm W x 28cm D
  • Weight: ~4.4kgs
  • Operating temperature: 5-30°C
  • Operating humidity: 20-80% RH
  • Atmospheric pressure: 80-106 KPa
  • Transport and storage temperature: -20 – 60°c
  • Transport and storage humidity: 5-90% RH
  • Atmospheric pressure: 50-106 KPa
  • Electrical safety: IEC 60601-1 Classification – Class II power supply, reinforce double isolation

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