Why bt-Ceuticals™ is the Skincare Professional’s First Choice

The skincare range you choose to complement your treatments with has the ability to yield you good results, great results or outstanding clinical results – the latter being the standard that the creators of bt-Ceuticals™, Bio-Therapeutic, continually strives for. This commitment to the research and development of truly cutting-edge technology accelerated skincare has seen the bt-Ceuticals™ range solidify its place in the treatment rooms of successful salons, spas, clinics and practices around the world.

From the award-winning bt-Cocktail™ 3-part energy system to the innovative HD Hyaluronic Delivery Masques, the bt-Ceuticals™ skincare range equips therapists with powerful, clinical standard formulations that aim to promote radiant skin health from the cleansing stage right through to the post-treatment home care regimen stage.

The beauty of bt-Ceuticals™ is that the range is synergised for technology while also being harmonised for every day skincare. All formulations embody the latest developments in active ingredients backed by independent clinical studies and are paraben free, fragrance free and infused with the highest level of active ingredients possible to yield superb clinical results every time.


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