The 15 Week Body Bootcamp Transformation

Transform your client’s body in just 15 weeks! Have you heard about our 15 Week Body Bootcamp Transformation? It’s designed to meet the growing need for clients wanting to nip problem areas in the bud where frequent exercise and a healthy diet have fallen short. 

Say bye bye to bulges

This program engages the latest fat freezing, cavitation, and skin tightening principles to deliver visible results your clients can see and feel with just one easy and convenient treatment each week for 15 weeks. As the clinician, you will work one-on-one with your clients to develop a personalised plan that tackles their unique problem areas.

The results

  • Reduction of stubborn fat pockets and bulges
  • Permanent destruction of treated fat cells
  • Instantly tighter, toned and smoother skin
  • More defined curves for a sexier silhouette

The Benefits

Treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive, with no post-treatment downtime, so clients can get back to work and daily activities as usual. This personalised, discreet program is designed for ultimate lifestyle convenience, with results getting better and better with each passing week.

Our Ultimate Body Bootcamp is ideal for women and men looking for a helping hand to reach their body goals in addition to a healthy and active lifestyle. The program consists of treatments once a week with rest weeks in between.

The Program

In order to be a Body Bootcamp service provider, you will need:

  • Criocuum cryolipolysis machine
  • A LUX Series body contouring and skin tightening machine
  • Committed clients that will follow a healthy routine in conjunction with their treatments (clean eating and exercise)
  • A high quality camera to take your incredible before and after results!

It’s likely you are already using one or more of these technologies, so to find out what next steps you need to take to implement the 15 Week Body Bootcamp Program into your service menu, call our consultants today on
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