The Top 4 Technologies for Smooth Summer Skin

These 4 services cover all bases for a flawless summer look when it comes to smoothing bumps and lumps, banishing blemishes, refining dry, thickened skin, removing pigmentation and tightening areas of laxity. We have your summer service menu sorted!

1. Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring is hugely popular with both men and women and is now the preferred way to remove unwanted pockets of fat that will not budge with a healthy diet and exercise. As a course of treatments is typically required for optimum results, clients are encouraged to begin Body Contouring treatment as early as winter, so the desired outcome is achieved by the time the weather warms up. Body Contouring can be performed using Cryolipolysis (such as the Criocuum), Ultrasound Cavitation (such as the UltraLUX V4) and TriLipo® Fat Reduction (such as the Pollogen LEGEND).

2. Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening 

A treatment that often goes hand-in-hand with Body Contouring is RF Skin Tightening, which uses Radiofrequency waves to non-invasively to tighten and tone areas of skin that have lost elasticity. In the lead up to beach season, clients will be seeking RF Skin Tightening services to tighten loose skin after weight loss and pregnancy, as well as toning flabby upper arms, ageing décolletés and ‘turkey neck’ for a fresher, more youthful appearance. Both our UltraLUX V4 and Pollogen LEGEND workstation performs both Body Contouring and Skin Tightening services, making it a value-driven option for therapists wishing to deliver comprehensive body sculpting services.

3. geneO+ Super Facial

Give your clients the “geneO+ glow” in the lead up to summer with a super nourishing and rejuvenating facial that takes just 30 minutes. By combining oxygenation exfoliating therapy with RF skin tightening and collagen remodelling into one session, time-poor clients can receive outstanding anti-ageing and skin renewal results without chewing up too much time in the treatment room. A course of treatments with the geneO+™ will give your clients smooth, healthy and radiant skin into summer and beyond.

4. IPL Skin Correction

Whether it is post-acne scarring, age spots, melasma, or photodamage from previous summers in the sun, IPL technology is renowned for its ability to turn back the clock on marks, blotches, patches, spots and discolourations. Treating skin with IPL now will ensure skin on the face, décolleté, back, hands and body is clear and renewed for the warmer months, allowing clients to feel more confident in their swimwear and summer clothing. Try our UltraLUX V4 for powerful pigmentation treatments along with 10 other skin and hair services.

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