Top Tips For Your Next Salon Promotion

INDUSTRY INSIDER: Top Tips for your next Salon Promotion

Promos or special offers are an essential marketing strategy for any beauty business trying to draw in more customers and boost cash flow when things may be lagging a little. They also help you reach a particular type of customer demographic – the ‘bargain hunters’, who wouldn’t dream of indulging in a spa treatment unless they felt they were getting a really, really good deal.

The two cardinal rules of a salon or spa special offer:

  • It needs to fulfil your need to increase cash flow and booking rates
  • It needs to simultaneously entice the customer into trying something new

End goal: To tee up an offer that is generous enough to draw in new interest without compromising your profits or generating a loss.

The solution: LUXURY for LESS

Offers on small services such as manicures and waxing simply won’t make a big bang for your buck in the long run. The key is to look to the luxury market – technology-driven beauty, which is not only the way of the future but also the talk of the town anywhere you seem to go at the moment – whether it be IPL permanent hair removal, microdermabrasion, LED facials or skin rejuvenation. Customers aspire to experience luxury services, and if they can get it for a value-for-money deal, then how could they possibly resist?

Show me the Vouchers

Occasionally slipping your customers a voucher at the end of their treatment is a wonderful way to get them coming back through your door. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, just something that says “Hey, thanks for choosing us – we appreciate it, so here’s a little something back.”

The voucher offer could be something like this:

“Spend $100 and receive a $20 discount voucher for any treatment or product* on your next visit”

A great time to roll out a voucher promotion like this is in December when salon, spas and clinics and generally in overdrive. Put a six week expiration date on it which means the customers would be drawn back to use it in January (which is a known quiet time for the beauty biz). Clever? Yes, very clever!

Make the savings CLEAR

People nowadays don’t have time to sit around trying to work out how much they are saving on your promotions, so if you are offering 30% off a treatment, make sure you also include how much in real cash money they are actually saving – eg. “30% off your next microdermabrasion treatment – that’s a big $30 saving!”

How to get the word out on your promos

  • All social media avenues – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • In your monthly email newsletters to your database
  • A dedicated special offer email to your client database
  • An interchangeable A-Sign (chalkboard is cheap) outside your shopfront
  • Clearly typed posters in your shopfront window
  • Countertop display frame that can be changed with each promo

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