Update your treatment menu for 2018

4 key factors to consider when undertaking your treatment menu makeover.

4 ways to freshen up your treatment menu

Could your treatment menu do with a refresh? Set the tone for 2018 with an enticing service menu that showcases the unique qualities of your business. Here’s 4 key factors to consider when undertaking your treatment menu makeover.

1. Do you have a signature facial?

A signature facial is what sets you apart from other beauty businesses. What can you offer that others can’t? This is where you can combine your expertise as an aesthetician with a touch of creative flair. A signature facial should have a luxurious edge to it, utilise your product range, and offer a ‘winning’ combination of application techniques and technologies. Your signature facial should leave your clients feeling relaxed, refreshed and radiant — delivering a unique experience that garners the facial a glowing reputation around town!

2. Are you offering treatment upgrades?

Treatment upgrades allow your clients to discover additional services that they may not be aware of, and of course allow you to push each booking to its full profit potential. Pinpoint a range of treatments on your menu that you can add some special touches to, and highlight the value in doing so clearly for the customer:

  • “Supercharge your standard facial for just $XX”
  • “Add 20 minute LED skin brightening for just $XX”

3. Are you rewarding customer loyalty?

Clients who book treatment packages are placing their trust in your services and expertise, so make sure you let them know you appreciate it! If a client spends big on a treatment package, reward them with a complimentary service or product rather than a monetary discount. This way you can strategically introduce them to more services, while rewarding them for their loyalty. This can be reflected on your treatment menu:

  • “Book 8 IPL treatments and receive a free LED skin brightening facial”
  • “Receive a free oxygen facial when you book the microcurrent treatment package”
  • “Free 30 minute anti-ageing light facial when you buy any treatment in a package of 6”

4. Does your treatment menu reflect your brand?

Your treatment menu should evoke the look and feel of your brand as it is the first step to welcoming the customer into the experience on offer at your salon, spa or clinic. Are you elegant, or are you quirky and fun? Whatever the overarching theme of your business is, make sure it ribbons through your marketing materials and treatment menus too. Revamp your treatment menu for free using the online design app, Canva, and then print up a batch of your catchiest designs using Vistaprint.

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