5 Ways to Engage Your Clients on Social Media

Our Social Media Guru Rachel shows you how to get noticed online with her top 5 social media strategies

1. Exclusive offers

There’s no better way to make your social media followers feel special than by giving them exclusive offers, just for them! When they call through to book, this will clearly identify how many people your posts are reaching. Great deals will also encourage more people to like your page, and will keep followers interested as they’ll be clicking back for more.

2. Beauty tips and tricks

Everybody loves a good beauty or lifestyle tip or ‘hack’ — especially when it comes straight from the experts themselves (that’s you!). Keep your feed flowing with fun or interesting skin care facts or motivational quotes. Share your wisdom or tricks that you have learned along the way as a skin/beauty professional. Your followers will appreciate it!

3. Employee takeovers

Big companies will often engage a celebrity for a Facebook or Instagram ‘takeover’ to draw interest to their page. While you might not be able to enlist Jennifer Hawkins or Miranda Kerr, why not use the beauty superstars you have on hand — your employees! Each week or month a different staff member takes control of your social media pages where they can post what’s happening in the salon, share a bit about themselves, and showcase ‘a day in the life’ from their perspective. This is not only a fun activity to spice up the typical work day, but it works in your favour as followers will be won over by your down-to-earth, personal approach to online engagement.

TIP: Instagram stories are especially great for this.

4. VIP reviews

Reach out to a handful of VIP clients to maximise opportunities with key people who you know love your business and services. Ask these clients to share their experience on social media via a Facebook review. This brings up your overall Facebook star-rating and also demonstrates to potential clients the experience they can expect when they walk through your door. As a thank you, why not give your VIP client an upgrade or discount on their next treatment.

5. Before & After results

If there’s one thing we all love more than a special offer, it’s seeing real life Before & After experiences. Let clients see what you can achieve for themselves by posting or re-posting client Before & After images and post-treatment selfies.

For clients who have booked in for long-term treatment packages (such as IPL or body contouring), ask if you can post their treatment journey on social media. This is sure to keep clients glued to their screens for the next progress shot and results update.

Social Media doesn’t need to be time consuming!

Social media is your most lucrative promotional tool for raising brand awareness and turning client engagement into solid bookings and sales. The key is to keep your ideas fresh, consistent, and of course, interesting!

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