2023 winner of The Aesthetic Awards Nonsurgical Innovation of the Year, our multifunctional TGA listed IPL machines deliver results-driven, medi-aesthetic treatments from $197 per week:

  • IPL Photo Rejuvenation – Visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles + enlarged pores
  • IPL Pigmentation Correction – Address sun spots and uneven skin tone
  • Vascular Therapy – Reduce redness, vascular lesions, rosacea + facial flushing
  • IPL Acne Management – Reduce breakouts, congestion + acne causing bacteria
  • Dual-Mode IPL Hair Removal – For lighter hair, including some shares of red + blonde
  • IPL Hair Removal – For smaller or difficult-to-treat areas not suitable for SHR
  • SHR (Super Hair Removal) – Comfortable, ultra-fast permanent hair removal (available on SuperLUX + UltraLUX models)
  • RF Skin Tightening – Tighten, smooth and tone lax skin on the face + body (PowerLUX+SuperLUX upgrade, standard on UltraLUX)
  • Laser Tattoo Removal – Permanent results on a range of ink types + colours (PRO models only)
  • Carbon Facials – Laser rejuvenation known as “China Doll” + “Hollywood” Facials (PRO models only)
  • Ultrasound Body Contouring – Contour, shape, tone + firm the body (available on UltraLUX multifunctional devices)
  • Sonophoresis Infusion – Infuse skin care for enhanced efficacy + results (available on UltraLUX multifunctional devices)

Find out which device is the right fit for your business

With 5 IPL technologies to choose from, including multifunctional options like Tattoo Removal and Ultrasound Body Contouring, we have IPL options to fit every business and client base. Complete the contact form below to chat to one of our Account Managers about what IPL technology could help you achieve your business goals.

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Before and After – Treatments with the LUX Series IPL

IPL Machines For Result-Driven Treatments

Our IPL machines are suitable for salons of all sizes and experience. For salons new to Intense Pulse Light Therapy, our machines will allow you to ease into new treatments, starting with hair removal and moving into more advanced treatments as you gain experience. A thorough training program is provided in order to teach you treatment applications such as pigmentation and vascular therapy, acne management and skin rejuvenation so you will be ready to administer these services immediately after you take delivery of your device and attended our training program. Essentially, we cater for any of your beauty equipment needs! Our devices are so versatile that we’ll discuss with you what your priorities are for your salon, and we will tailor a training program based upon what’s most important for you.

All of our IPL machines are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No 295158). A listing on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) is beneficial when gaining insurance from a reputable insurance provider for the use of your IPL machine.

There are many different IPL machines on the market, which can make it a daunting task to choose a machine that is right for your salon. The specifications of our devices provided here should assist in your research however we have a much more comprehensive list of specifications available at our office. Because The Global Beauty Group is committed to continuously researching global beauty markets, our staff is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to discussing any form of beauty equipment.

If you require further information to assist in your decision, please do not hesitate to contact us on AU 1300 655 013 or NZ 0800 398 749. Our friendly team is here to help you!

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How IPL Works to Grow Your Business Beautifully

With more and more people turning to non-invasive and non-surgical procedures to address their skin and hair concerns, the push towards investing in treatment technology is almost unavoidable now if you wish to meet customer demand and stay ahead of the competition. IPL is a stand out option when weighing up which technology to invest in for a number of reasons:

  1. Provides multiple services for the cost of one device
    While many other machines only deliver a single service (a laser hair removal machine, for example), IPL is an outstanding multifunctional technology capable of providing up to 9 different skin and hair treatments with a single device. In terms of value for money and versatility – this can hardly be beaten; which is why a robust, high quality IPL machine is a fantastic investment for businesses looking to expand their aesthetics treatment menu without having to buy several different machines.
  2. Takes up minimal space
    Another perk of having a 5-in-1 or 9-in-1 IPL machine is that you can provide your clients with an array of popular aesthetic services from permanent hair removal to anti-ageing skin rejuvenation without having to clutter your workspace with multiple machines. This is especially ideal for small or space-limited salons or treatment rooms.
  3. Maximises Return On Investment
    If you’re keen to own your technology outright as soon as possible, IPL may be the perfect solution. This is because a single IPL machine can book in appointments for a great number of services. For example, the UltraLUX V4 IPL alone can secure bookings with customers seeking permanent hair removal as well as other customers looking for skin rejuvenation, acne management, pigmentation treatment, vascular therapy, skin rejuvenation, Ultrasound Body Contouring and RF skin tightening.

More appointments = more profits; and more profits means you pay off your investment much, much faster.

What to look for when purchasing an IPL machine

In order to deliver professional, clinical standard IPL results it’s important to understand that not all IPL machines are created equal. The forward-thinking objective of any business owner should be to invest in a high-quality machine that enhances both your professional and financial gain – so be wary of making an impulse buy on cheap, off-shore machines that offer little to no post-sale support. Instead, use our below guide as a checklist when purchasing an IPL device to allow your business the best advantage for realising professional and financial growth with the help of quality IPL technology.

Qualities to look for in an IPL machine:

  • Touch screen interface for swift and easy operation in a busy salon environment
  • In-built Simple and Professional modes for beginners and experienced operators
  • Ergonomic handpiece to ensure therapist can treat with comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Integrated E-Light Technology (IPL + Bipolar Radiofrequency + Skin Contact Cooling)
  • Included theory + practical IPL device training conducted by qualified professionals

Fundamental requirements of an IPL machine:

  • Yields consistent professional results
  • Minimises frequency and severity of adverse reactions
  • Optimises your Return On Investment
  • Minimises risk of profit leakage

What to look for in an IPL provider

Just like the quality of an IPL machine depends on its longevity, who you choose to purchase your IPL machine with also has a big impact on the long term success of your IPL services. For example, IPL treatment is a highly skilled aesthetic therapy that can’t just be jumped into without any advanced technical or practical training – doing so not only puts your business reputation at risk, but also your client’s wellbeing. A reputable IPL provider should always include in-depth device training and post-sales support to ensure therapists begin conducting IPL treatments with ease, confidence, knowledge and precision from the very get-go.

Fundamental requirements of an IPL provider:

  • Reliable, reputable service and proven industry expertise
  • Dedicated customer support covering clinical, technical and logistical
  • Genuine assistance in maximising Return On Investment
  • Assistance with marketing and promotional support for your device
  • Training and clinical support to ensure day to day confidence in operations

What’s included when purchasing an IPL machine with The Global Beauty Group?

  • Free comprehensive training with every machine
  • Access to an advisory team of aesthetics industry experts
  • Ongoing clinical and technical support for your IPL machine
  • Australian based warehousing
  • Ongoing access to Education HUB online training modules
  • Marketing resources including brochures, posters, social posts and more
  • Clinical resources including protocols, consultation guides, FAQs and more
  • Flexible financing and payment options
  • Spare parts and backup machine service
  • Upgrade and trade-in opportunities
  • Access to comprehensive retraining options

Beauty Equipment Sales and Financing

Please also view our Sales and Financing options for a solution that works for your salon, or call our team of experts now on AU 1300 655 013 or NZ 0800 398 749 and let us help tailor a custom made solution to suit your individual business and budget.


The Global Beauty Group Best Price and Quality Guarantee

Experience our gold standard customer service and industry leading equipment range to discover for yourself why The Global Beauty Group is consistently Australia’s leading aesthetic equipment and skincare supplier. We guarantee to beat any genuine competitor’s quote on our full range of products, so why not talk to one of our friendly consultants today to find out more?

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