Getting started with Before & After photos

Why You Need to be Taking Before & After Photos

Before & After photos build better business

It is one thing to have a beautifully crafted spiel regarding each of your treatments, but often — especially in the very visually based world of beauty and aesthetics — a picture truly speaks louder than words. When taking a leap into a new treatment or procedure, clients want as much assurance as they can get to feel that their time, money and commitment into this investment is worth it. One clear-cut way to provide this is through Before & After treatment images. Before & After photos offer your clients solid, visual evidence of what your treatments can achieve, and it also helps them to feel safer and more confident in proceeding with treatment when they can see the positive results of the clients who took the plunge before them.

Getting started with Before & After photos need not be overwhelming either — once you have the process set up, it simply becomes a step which you integrate smoothly into the daily processes and operations of your salon, spa or clinic. And before you know it, you will start to build a library of Before & After treatment images that become powerful and persuasive advertising that you can use across your website, social media pages, advertisements and brochures.

We reward you for your outstanding Before & After shots, too!

For clients with The Global Beauty Group Technology, we run a fun Before & Afters program initiative that rewards you for sharing your top before and after treatment results. For photos used in our promotional materials, we will reward you with a $250 credit to use at The Global Beauty Group online store. We will also provide you with a copy of your treatment results designed in our official Before & After treatment template which features a written credit to your talented clinician, as well as your business.

Have our technology? Here’s our Before and After program selection criteria!

  • Your photos show a great result.
  • Your photos are clear, high quality with uniform lighting, distance and angle.
  • Your photos match up evenly for a side-by-side comparison.
  • You and your featured client consent to The Global Beauty Group using your images in our promotions (refer to the Media Consent Form in your Business Support Kit).

Tips for taking excellent before and after shots!

  • Invest in a quality digital camera and tripod so your images are clear and consistent — before and after images make for very persuasive (and free) advertising for your website and social media pages, so it’s worth it!
  • Designate a permanent spot in your clinic for taking Before & After shots. Mark the spot where clients are to stand each time with a line of masking tape on the floor.
  • Take your photos against a blank background in a very well-lit room. Avoid a room with windows as this can affect lighting quality and cast shadows on your client’s skin.
  • Set your camera to PORTRAIT mode and turn the flash OFF (this can wash out details). Be sure to take each progress shot at the same height and angle, and only focus on the area that is being treated.
  • Upload photos immediately to a folder for each client on your computer. Rename the photo files stating the treatment, date, and treatment progress number. 

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