MARKETING MASTERCLASS: 4 reasons to start using Instagram Stories

Are you using Instagram Stories?

Connecting with your target market through Instagram Stories

It goes without saying that Instagram is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for beauty businesses alongside Facebook. But there’s one particular feature that deserves special attention when it comes to connecting with your followers in a fun, unique and memorable way: Instagram Stories. Here’s 4 reasons why Instagram Stories amplifies your online marketing results with little fuss.

1. It’s a busy business

Over 250 million people a day use the Instagram story feature, which means these same users are ready and waiting to see your stories too. It’s already staked its place as a business marketing tool, with over 50% of businesses on Instagram using the feature. Statistics have also shown that 1 in 5 Instagram Stories posted by a business have generated a direct message (enquiry) from a follower. Not bad considering Instagram Stories cost nothing to create!

2. It’s a fun way to engage with your followers

So what exactly is Instagram Stories? It’s an app feature that allows you to post a variety of moments throughout your day, via photos and videos, that are compiled into an easy slideshow viewing format. After 24 hours, your Instagram story magically disappears. As opposed to the carefully curated and ultra-polished photos that are posted in your normal Instagram feed, Instagram Stories allows your followers to enjoy a raw, ‘behind the scenes’ insight into your business and what you are truly all about.

On top of that, Instagram Stories also allows you to conduct quick and easy polls — a priceless tool for gauging what your followers want, and what they want to see more of. A simple poll such as “Which high-tech beauty treatment gets you most excited?” can quickly determine whether your followers are more interested in seeing content around LED facials, or if they hungry for sneak peeks into a hydrodermabrasion session.

3. It’s cool and casual

Instagram feeds are flooded with flawless, beautifully photoshopped pictures — and while these kinds of images certainly have an impact, social media users are also hungry for something ‘real’. Instagram Stories give your followers a great opportunity to get to know your team and business on a personal level. Use the Instagram story feature to offer your followers a behind the scenes look into the daily life at your salon through snapshots and fun videos. Film short and sharp videos of you and your team members talking about your favourite treatments, and don’t forget to use it to tell your followers directly about the great promotions and specials you have going on at the moment!

4. It stops you from over-posting

While a consistent and regular Instagram feed is vital for social media success, there is also such a thing as Instagram overkill. Instagram Stories allows beauty businesses to pump out all the exciting moments and information you wish to share without inundating your followers feeds with 50 photos and videos in a row (which is a surefire way to lose followers). Instead, Instagram Stories come in a neat and tidy package that your followers can click on within 24 hours of you posting. You can even bring your stories to life even more by using the text and drawing tools, so go ahead and have some fun!

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