MARKETING MASTERCLASS: 5 tips for Christmas sales success

If you think it is too soon to be talking about things like Christmas marketing strategies, think again! The sooner you plan, prepare and perfect your holiday season promotions, the greater success you will see when it comes time to roll them out. Leaving it to the last minute risks poorly planned promotions that fail to generate the desired effect on your sales and revenue, so get the ball rolling with these 5 tips for a fruitful holiday season.

1. Set a budget

The first thing to do is set a budget for the holiday season, set it aside, and pull from it as required. Allocating a budget will ensure you have the funds at hand as each project arises so there is no risk of spending mindlessly and stressing out when the bills roll in. Your budget should cover all aspects of your holiday marketing, from shop signage to decorations, Facebook and Instagram booster ads to festive-themed beverages and refreshments to temporarily replace your usual complimentary coffee, water and tea.

2. Aim to retain and grow

Most beauty businesses will already be busy throughout November and December, so instead of trying to rally in new clients, focus on retaining and growing the customer base you already have. Your marketing goals for this period should aim to:

  • Increase your holiday season retail sales.
  • Increase the average spend per customer.
  • Secure bookings for the quiet post-Xmas January period.
  • Boost client retention by rewarding loyalty.

3. Set up a festive selfie station

In this age of Instagram, many clients love showing off their post-treatment results, so why not use this to your advantage and get some free advertising out of it? Set up a themed corner or wall (hanging a decorated empty picture frame or giant Polaroid cut-out that clients can pose behind works a treat) and invite clients to take a post-treatment selfie, or offer to take the photo for them. Be sure to integrate your business name into the theme design. To maximise participation rates, why not turn it into a fun Christmas selfie competition, using an official hashtag to track entrants and choose a winner.

4. Supply stocking fillers

Placing a big basket of affordable products at your reception counter is a great way to boost retail revenue in the lead up to Christmas. Be sure to include signage that reads something like, “Perfect stocking filler gifts from just $9.95” to plant the seed.

5. Spread the word (far and wide)

Naturally your holiday season promotions should be advertised on your website and social media pages, but don’t stop there! Now is the time to record and implement holiday season voicemail and hold messages outlining your promotions, and design a temporary festive-themed email signature showcasing your most enticing holiday special offer. Other avenues to consider include a short and sharp SMS to your client database, and a dedicated email inviting your clients to book your special offers and discounts before it is too late.

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