OBSERV 520 Skin Observation

Introducing OBSERV 520 to The Global Beauty Group

OBSERV 520: The first step to optimum skin health

Get ready to take a revolutionary journey beneath the skin’s surface with the OBSERV 520 skin observation platform, now available at The Global Beauty Group. This cutting-edge skin analysing system offers advanced skin diagnosis at both the epidermal and dermal layer using skin fluorescence technology.

OBSERV 520 equips skin therapists with six observation modes to brilliantly highlight various surface and sub-surface skin imbalances, allowing you to confidently move forward with accurate skin treatment recommendations. The system is enhanced by state of the art before and after treatment comparisons, an invaluable feature for client follow ups, while the built-in client database stores each client’s analysis snapshots and consultation notes.

How it works

Human skin cells emit visible light in a unique way. OBSERV 520 identifies skin conditions by exposing the skin to true, safe, fluorescent UV light to reveal the skin’s surface and sub-surface characteristics and patterns.

This patent-pending fluorescent technology offers unparalleled clarity when compared to similar skin diagnostic tools.

6 observation modes

  1. Daylight
  2. Parallel Polarised
  3. Cross Polarised
  4. True UV
  5. Simulated Woods Light
  6. Complexion Analysis

System features

  • Impressive side by side comparisons – Keep clients engaged on their treatment journey with cutting-edge side by side comparisons that track improvements and progress
  • Modern, user-friendly wireless system – Control the Observ system conveniently and wirelessly using an iPad and the downloadable Observ app
  • Intelligent reporting – Ability to generate and send skin analysis reports direct to your client’s email
  • Take-anywhere technology – Complete with travel bag for easy portability. Great for conducting on the spot skin examinations beyond the treatment room

Client and business benefits

  • Organically increases treatment bookings and product sales
  • Heightens client satisfaction and builds trust and loyalty in your expertise
  • Engages visual and scientific aids to support your treatment recommendations
  • Allows you to develop fine-tuned treatment plans with greater accuracy

Learn the science behind OBSERV 520, plus discover its wide array of unique and high-tech features by calling The Global Beauty Group on 03 8555 2246.

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