Have you pressed play on our latest podcast series with Beaute Industrie?

Packed with industry-leading knowledge, this 7-episode podcast series ensures you are maximising every step of your client’s journey within your business.

We sit down with Beaute Industrie Founder Tamara Reid to talk all things podcasting, growing your business and what’s next for Beaute Industrie.

GBG: Thanks for chatting with us, Tamara! What prompted you to create the 7 step client journey podcast series?

Tamara: Creating the 7 step client journey podcast series was about levelling up the entire experience a client receives when they enter into the professional beauty industry.

As a client who visits beauty spaces on a monthly basis I have come to understand the journey through both lenses and can provide neutral and relevant feedback to treating therapists and business owners – this podcast series and partnership with The Global Beauty Group has enabled me to do this to the wider industry as the audience.

GBG: What are you hoping listeners get out of the podcast series?

Tamara: By enhancing the client experience through connective conversations, conscious prescriptions and exceptional treatment skills, our clients view our industry as an educated, knowledgeable and professional one – rather than seeing the beauty industry as purely aesthetic.

I hope business owners and therapists alike are able to listen to the weekly episodes as lessons, and reflect on their current client experience, using the content as part of induction, onboarding, practical and soft skills training for their current and future treatments.

GBG: What’s next for Beaute Industrie? How can our readers get involved?

Tamara: I’ll be speaking at Beauty Melbourne across both Saturday, 9:00am and Sunday, 11:45am as part of their Education Pass Workshops.

Across the weekend, I’ll be sharing my key tips and practical strategies to enable you to make proactive decisions, stay up-to-date and be the boss of your business.

My Sunday session will be an in-person recap of the 7-steps!

Listen to the 7-steps podcast series via all good podcast apps and visit beauteindustrie.com to stay up-to-date with industry news and events.

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