It’s true! Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

Now is the time to bundle together enticing “Beach-ready” package deals

Getting your clients in shape for summer starts now!

When it comes to your winter marketing campaigns, one important thing to be pointing out to customers is that now is the best time to be starting body contouring and permanent hair removal treatments. That way, by the time summer rolls around, treatment is likely to have reached its completion and optimum results are ready to be revealed. This may sound like a no-brainer to an aesthetician, but to the average customer — they are more likely to be focussed on staying warm, rather than having the foresight to plan ahead for something that is months down the track. So by writing strategic info pieces for your social media pages and bundling together enticing “Beach-ready” package deals, you can act as a friendly reminder that now is the time to take action if customers wish to peel off the layers confidently this summer.

Selling point #1: It takes time

The main reason to commence body contouring and permanent hair removal treatments now is simply that it takes time. Both of these services require a course of treatments to achieve optimum results, and each treatment is spaced at its own set interval to allow the treatment process to take full effect. Body contouring treatments are spaced at weekly intervals, while IPL and laser permanent hair removal treatment can be performed every 4-6 weeks. Most clients will benefit from 8-10 treatments for either service.

Selling point #2: Winter layers are beneficial for treatment

Especially concerning permanent hair removal — treatment cannot be performed on tanned skin, and sun exposure to the treated areas should be avoided entirely throughout the treatment course. This is because the light energy needs as much contrast between the skin and hair follicle as possible for it to detect and destroy the hair follicle. If the skin and hair follicle are too similar in colour, the treatment simply will not be as effective. So undertaking hair removal treatment when our skin is covered up from the sun in warm winter layers makes a lot of sense!

Selling point #3: Be ready as soon as the hot weather hits

Last but not least, having body contouring and permanent hair removal treatments conducted prior to summer means that your customers are ready to ditch the layers and confidently reveal their slimmer, more sculpted silhouette, or smoother, hair-free skin as soon as the first warm day arrives. If clients undertake permanent hair removal during spring or summer, they will be avoiding sun exposure just when they are looking forward to some fun in the sun. As for body contouring clients, pre-summer treatment means they can also shop for new, appropriate swimwear and clothing in advance, as they may find their old summer clothes no longer fit!


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