Upgrading clients from basic to technology-enhanced skin treatments

So you’ve taken your skin services to a whole new, high-tech level. Congratulations! We’re sharing 4 ways you can celebrate with both existing and new clients by upgrading them from traditional to technology skin services.

Let’s get back to basics 

It’s important to make sure your new service is visible the moment you walk into your business. We love encouraging our clients to put themselves in their client’s shoes.

When they walk through the door, what do they see? What do they learn about? What catches their eye? If the answer isn’t your latest service, then it’s time to merchandise your space!

Make it loud and clear!

Ensure your entire team is confident talking about the service, its benefits and most importantly, its cost to the customer. Confidence exuded by your team will build trust in the eyes of the customer.

Utilise every facial opportunity to talk about the results of technology-enhanced services. For example, if a client is in for traditional skin care facial and has visible acne scarring, use that as an opportunity to upgrade their treatment to skin needling. Or, if a client is suffering from breakouts or dehydration, use this as an opportunity to talk about how technology can improve their skin health.

Introducing clients to technology-based services isn’t about a hard sell but educating them on the possibilities to advance their skin results!

After their treatment, ask for treatment confirmation such as “shall I book you in for another treatment in 4 weeks’ time? ” or “shall we discuss booking in a treatment plan to achieve your skin goals?”

Consultation is key

Your clients come to you because they trust you! Utilise your skin consultations to recommend your new service to suitable candidates.

The efficacy of technology is always going to help people reach their skin goals faster so make sure you’re talking about their goals and how your services can get them there faster.

Every client walking through the door (even those in for an eyebrow wax) should be offered a complimentary skin consultation. Spending 15 minutes discussing a client’s skin goals can result in significant treatment bookings and retail sales! Make your consultation sessions results-orientated and provide every client with a comprehensive game plan to achieve their skin goals.

Signature experience 

Make it easy for people to try your new service and love it! An easy way to do this is to launch a signature facial.

As you know, a signature facial should be a taste of your treatment menu – incorporate what treatments you want clients to try as well as a favourite they’re already loving! Build your new service into the facial as its WOW factor – the part of the facial that they tell their friends about!

Can your new service be performed as an express service? Take advantage of your regular clients and offer an express on-the-go version of your new service when they’re in for their regular. It’s a special treat for your loyal clients but also a fabulous opportunity to showcase its benefits!

How are you upgrading your client experiences?

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