Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For Marketing Your IPL Treatments

Did you know that winter is the prime time for pushing your IPL marketing plan to its full potential?

Why Winter is the perfect time for marketing your IPL treatments

An IPL machine delivers profitable returns all year round as it offers such a diverse array of in-demand treatments with just a single machine. But did you know that winter is the prime time for pushing your IPL marketing plan to its full potential? Here’s 4 reasons why.

1. Have your clients permanently hair-free in time for summer

While IPL hair removal can be performed any time of year, winter offers the most strategic timing. Why? Well, to achieve permanent results, a course of around 8 treatments is required. Winter and spring deliver a 6 month window to get the hair removal process well underway to reveal silky smooth, permanent hair-free skin by the time it really counts: summer! This is when clients are peeling off the layers, heading to the beach, and wanting to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and less time worrying about ongoing hair removal methods like waxing and shaving — not to mention the razor burn and ingrown hairs that come along with it.

2. IPL is more responsive to winter skin

As IPL light is attracted to the dark pigment in hair follicles, a sun tan can interfere with the suitability of a client for IPL hair removal. This is because tanned skin makes it harder for the IPL light to recognise and target the hair follicle safely and accurately. In winter however, when we’re covered up in coats and layers, many clients will have skin that is lighter, offering a greater contrast between the skin and hair, and therefore a much higher response rate to the IPL wavelengths. That’s not to say clients can’t undergo IPL hair removal in summer — they may just require a few more treatments.

3. Sun exposure should be avoided after IPL

Although there is no downtime required after IPL hair removal, clients still need to take care of their skin following an IPL session, and this includes keeping the treated area away from direct sunlight until the skin is brought back into balance. This is because treated skin is sensitive following IPL, and UV rays can further exacerbate this by causing redness, inflammation and irritation. And when’s the best time to keep skin covered up from the sun? Winter, of course!

4. Winter is ideal for fast tracking healing after IPL skin rejuvenation

As more time is spent rugged up indoors during winter, it’s the ideal time for skin to undergo its healing, regenerating and repairing process following IPL skin rejuvenation treatments. IPL specialists advise clients to avoid sun exposure and excessive heat following IPL skin rejuvenation, and the easiest time to achieve this is winter. With IPL skin rejuvenation, the skin will also naturally look worse before it gets better — so it’s much easier to conceal the treated areas with winter clothing, rather than trying to cover up with long sleeves and pants in the fierce summer heat!

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