Crafting a memorable Signature Facial

Do you currently offer a signature facial?

It’s time to craft a memorable signature facial experience

A signature facial gives you a competitive edge and offers a memorable experience that your competition can’t compete with. We’re here to help craft your perfect signature facial by sharing our 3 steps to success!

What is your point of difference?

What do your clients experience when they walk through your doors? Is it a relaxing, serene environment? A place for luxury? Clinical results?

Use your point of difference as a starting point for your Signature Facial experience and what you want your clients to feel when they have it.

For example, if your point of difference is a luxury experience, then incorporating a massage, product infusion and a take-home product could be a great starting point!

If it is advanced clinical results, you may like to incorporate a LED light therapy treatment to enhance your signature facial experience.

Where do I start?  

Once you’ve deciphered your point of difference and signature facial goals, it’s time to start putting together your treatment protocol.

Your signature facial should be a taste of your treatment menu – incorporate what treatments you want clients to try as well as a favourite they’re already loving! We’ve used as luxury relaxation experience as our example.

  1. Prep and Prime
    Kick off your signature facial with a skin prep element such as an exfoliation using hydrodermabrasion technology or even a mild AHA/BHA peel. This creates a beautiful blank canvas for your next step.

  2. The WOW Factor
    The next step in your signature facial should incorporate a key experience you want your clients to remember (aka the element they will be telling their friends and family about).
    Revitalise and awaken your clients’ senses by applying a customised treatment mask and incorporate stress relieving massage that your clients will be raving about!

  3. A Revitalising Finish
    To lock in your hard work, remove your mask and finish your signature facial with an express LED light therapy treatment.

  4. Don’t Forget About Retail Too!
    Look at your signature facial is an opportunity for clients to try a new experience – not just treatments but products too!

For any targeted treatment product you’ve used, explain to the client why you’ve chosen that for them and what it works to achieve.

This further showcases your expertise and demonstrates how your clients can experience their own mini signature facial at home!

Why stop at one? 

By sticking to our 4-step signature facial framework, you can develop a series of targeted facial experiences for your clients!

Utilise your existing client base to identify what skin conditions to craft signature facials around – perhaps you treat a younger client base that could benefit from clearing treatments? Or an older audience that is focused on age management treatments? Having a customisable framework makes it easy to develop a series of targeted treatments.

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