Makover Mum with these 4 Mother’s Day Marketing Strategies

Australians spend into the billions when it comes to showing how much we love mum on Mother’s Day, making it one of the biggest spending days of the year. Don’t leave your Mother’s Day marketing plan to the last minute — start planning now to reap the best return for the busy Mother’s Day sales period.

1. Personalise your packages

Every mum has her own unique interests and personality, so why not go that extra mile and stand out from the stock-standard Mother’s Day treatments by offering personalised packages? You can do this by creating a “3-step treatment menu” where the gift buyers can select from a range of options that best reflect their own mum. For example:

Step 1. Choose a body treatment (hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, full body scrub, etc.)

Step 2. Choose a facial (LED skin brightening, Oxygen Facial, hydrodermabrasion, etc.)

Step 3. Choose a take-home gift (Skin brightening serum, Collagen sheet masque, Peptide anti-ageing moisturiser, etc.)

2. Include the kids! 

Children are the primary gift buyers for Mother’s Day, so why not include them in your Mother’s Day treatment packages and promote it as a “Mother and Daughter pampering experience”? This is a smart strategy for doubling your sales profits as the gift buyer (for example the daughter) is paying for a 2-person experience, rather than just her mum alone. Promote it as the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with mum:

“Have you been too busy to spend quality time with mum lately? Our Mother’s Day “Mum and Me” pampering experience is the perfect way to drop everything and show mum how much you care.”

3. Ladies who lunch 

Lunching and brunching are huge Mother’s Day experiences, so why not make your Mother’s Day pampering packages even more enticing and value-added by including a discount voucher to a local restaurant or cafe? The establishment you approach to team up with will welcome the extra business, and they can specify their own discount conditions and expiry date for the voucher, so that way everybody wins!

4. Drum up interest on social media 

It goes without saying that you should promote your Mother’s Day specials and packages across your social media channels, but also be sure to provide valuable and interesting information in the lead up to Mother’s Day that veers away from the sales pitch. You could post fun facts and stats about motherhood, inspirational profiles about famous mothers throughout history, and even host a “Like Mother, Like Daughter” look-alike photo competition where the winner gets a free Mother’s Day pamper package or skincare pack.

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