OBSERV vs Woods Lamp skin analysis: Which method wins?

While Woods lamps have certainly been beneficial to our skin analysis’ in the past, when compared to modern innovations such as the OBSERV 520, it is plain to see that with the right technology, you not only have the power to get the job done correctly — but to use these technologies to grow your business and foster stronger, more fruitful client relationships.

OBSERV creates better engagement 

Instead of making a skin consultation a one-sided process where the client has to sit back and take the clinician’s word, OBSERV welcomes the client into their own interactive skin health journey and encourages the client to participate. With OBSERV clients can literally view their skin in a whole new light, captured with high definition imagery and tools that highlight skin imbalances and irregularities at both the epidermal and dermal level. Together, the clinician and client can sit down and interactively view the examination images and develop a suitable treatment plan. This level of transparency, backed by solid visual evidence, immediately fosters trust in your services and expertise, as the client will appreciate participating in the process.

OBSERV creates easier upsells

The interactive process and supporting evidence of an OBSERV skin consultation makes transitioning clients from a consult to a booking almost effortless when compared to a traditional skin consultation. The system can be customised to display your own treatments, services and products, so an OBSERV consultation always brings the client back to how your specific business can assist with rectifying the skin concerns that were brought to light. There is no hard sell — just true, visually captured skin analysis coupled with intuitive treatment and product solutions.

OBSERV delivers multi-level analysis

Unlike a Woods lamp which highlights select irregularities by exposing the skin to black light, OBSERV provides a far more comprehensive insight into the true state of the skin with 6 observation modes. These include natural daylight, parallel polarised, cross polarised, true UV, simulated Woods light, and finally an overall complexion analysis which unites the results of the previous 5 exam images into one picture, providing a visually convincing way to highlight all epidermal and dermal imbalances in one shot. Through this multi-level approach to illuminating different layers of the skin, a greater number of skin imbalances can be identified, and therefore addressed, with the client.

Increased client satisfaction

When compared to a traditional skin consultation, client satisfaction is greater when advanced skin diagnostic tools like OBSERV are employed. Clients feel a greater sense of transparency and honesty when they can see the results for themselves, and when they are encouraged to participate in the examination of their skin. OBSERV also follows your client throughout their treatment journey, providing before and after imagery that literally unveils the changes to the skin in striking overlay format  — a unique feature that is sure to delight and impress.

Greater client retention

OBSERV works organically to increase client retention in a number of ways:
• Provides an unmatched level of customer service and attention to detail, thereby increasing client satisfaction and perceived value for time/money
• Gives clients an enticing reason to return following treatment so they can view their high definition Before & After results
• Uses scientific methods to critically examine skin, making treatment suggestions more convincing when compared to a consultation conducted purely with the naked eye
• Leaves little room for error, allowing clinicians to develop more accurate, fine-tuned treatment plans that ultimately yield superior clinical results. Happy clients are return clients!

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