We Predict Top Trends For 2020

This year, how are you ensuring your business stands out from the competition?
From a signature experience to forward-thinking approaches to holistic skin health, we share 4 trends we’re predicting will make a huge impact in 2020.

Skin Treatments – Beyond The Face

Skin corrective treatments aren’t strictly just for the face. We’re predicting a rise in body treatments that combat skin concerns such as acne, pigment and redness.

Treatments for the body welcome new demographics of clientele to your business. These include:

  • Back acne sufferers needing extractions, decongestion and acne-causing bacteria managed
  • Sun-damaged chests or backs needing skin tone correction services
  • Targeted lifting, toning and smoothing with Brazilian Butt Lifts

Even starting with simple, purifying back facials is a way to welcome new clients with trending treatments.

Virtual Wellness

We all know that proper, long-term skin health comes down to more than skincare – it’s mind, body and soul.

We predict more clinics and salons sharing insights around lifestyle factors that contribute to your best skin ever such as lifestyle tips, clean recipes, gut health insights and mindfulness activities.

With social media experiencing a shift in holistic health and wellbeing, we predict the beauty industry will continue this focus into salon marketing.

Does your clinic shares wellness tips? Starting with a simple lifestyle tip a week on Instagram can lead you in the right direction of Virtual Wellness.

Multi-Tasking Magic

In 2020, we’re all only going to get busier and expect more out of our days.

We’re predicting more salons will cater to their client’s busy lifestyles and demands by becoming a one-stop clinic. Why only service one of their beauty needs when you could service multiple…. in one appointment even!

To help your clients tick more off their to-do list each week, combine treatments wherever possible! This could include combining body treatments with LED light therapy or even hair colour processing with teeth whitening!

Will you be a trendsetter this year? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pro tips. 

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